Disney’s Sleep Hotline Lets Your Kid Hear ‘Goodnight’ From Their Fave Character


Bedtime is often the most dreaded time of day for any parent. Especially during the lazy days of summer when schedules and routine tend to be thrown out the window, it can be hard to get kids to bed at a decent hour, much less at any hour!

Parents are always looking for anything that can make the bedtime process a little easier and more enjoyable not only for them but for children too. Not surprisingly, Disney is here with the ultimate sleep solution for your little ones.

Because it literally is the most magical place on earth, parents can now bring a little bit of that Disney magic to bed time. Disney is now offering special bedtime phone messages for your little prince or princess who refuses to go to sleep!

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Parents can call 877-7-MICKEY (877-764-2539) for a bed time message from either Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy or Goofy. The child will receive a special good night message from some of their favorite characters that will hopefully convince them how amazing sleep is and how important it is to start going to bed before the sun comes up because school is starting again soon!

Once you dial the number, you'll be greeted by a recording asking if you'd like to select a specific character to receive the bedtime greeting from. Select 1 for Mickey, 2 for Minnie, 3 for Donald, 4 for Daisy and 5 for Goofy. The iconic character will then greet your little one with a magical night time message that is sure to put a smile on your Disney loving child's face. And hopefully make them want to go to sleep!

The magical recordings are part of Disney's new Sleep Shop which offers adorable sleep wear and accessories any Disney lover would love to have. You can only listen to one message each time you call, but there's no limit on how many calls you can make per day.

There is however a limit on how long the magical recordings will be available for. The night time recordings are only available from August 6-31, so make sure you don't miss out. If your child is dreading back to school, routine and everything else that comes with the end of summer, Disney's new sleep line and magical character messages might be just what you need to make the transition a bit easier.

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