These Disney Princess Wine Glasses Have A Different Design For Every Member Of Your Tribe


Apparently, there’s a new way to get your drinking on while also bringing out the inner Disney princess in you. In fact, these new Disney Princess wine glasses are the perfect way to celebrate any occasion with your girlfriends, whether it’s for your next mom’s night out or for your Bachelorette party squad.

The Disney princess wine glasses are the thoughtful design and idea from Etsy shop SimplyEllieRose. The New York-based artisan also goes by the username of stranky19. Each of the 11 glasses have a creative Disney-princess-themed design with a color scheme that matches the princess’ wardrobe.

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In addition, each glass is finished with a phrase about getting your royal buzz on that include “Bibbidi Bobbidi Boozed,” “Beauty and the Bottle,” “Drunkest of them All,” “A Whole New Buzz,” “Under the Influence, “ “At Least I See The Wine,” and so much more. From Aurora to Mulan, Snow White and Rapunzel, these wine glasses give moms and opportunity to bring out their inner princess diva while either being a “Typsy Beauty” while humming along to “She foes where the wine takes her,” if you know what we mean.

SimplyEllieRose glasses
Credit: Etsy / SimplyEllieRose

In other words, no one needs to look for that glass slipper when they’ve got one of these wine glasses in their hands.

Yet, a lot of customers have noticed that it’s not the design that makes these wine glasses stand out, but rather its ingenuity. The designs are actually made of vinyl stickers, which means that you don’t have to worry about any of it coming off when you wash them. There’s also an option to add glitter.

In addition to being great Bachelorette party glasses, they also make great Bridesmaid gifts, Disney-inspired wedding gifts, or simply a gift you can give to a friend. With that being said, the wine glasses are also a great way to celebrate a girl’s or mom’s only trip to Walt Disney World as well.

Credit: Etsy / SimplyEllieRose

Retailing at $12, they can be found on SimplyEllieRose’s Etsy page. Unfortunately, as of press time, they are currently unavailable, although they can be made for custom order. Check back for updates.

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