Disney Princess Subscription Boxes Have Arrived

Disney Princess subscription box

OMG: the most magical mail delivery that either you or your child has ever experienced has just been created and we're over here deciding which option to choose. The Disney Store has just announced the arrival of their Disney Princess subscription boxes, which arrived every other month at your doorstep and are almost as good as a trip to Disney World itself.

This takes being excited about a mail delivery to a whole new level. If your childhood was filled with excitement whenever a letter or package arrived at your doorstep with your name on it, this is kinda the same except it's sprinkled with Disney princess magic and lots and lots of pixie dust!

The box is available directly from The Disney Store online, with the first month's box being everything Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  

There are two options you can choose from when purchasing: a basic one and a deluxe version. The basic version cost $50 subscription per box (which does include the cost of shipping) and is filled with a princess dress, a read-along storybook, stickers a letter from a princess, and princess activities - which sounds pretty amazing to us! You do have the opportunity to sign up for a year, but there are other versions as well.

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If you're willing to spend some extra cash on this magical delivery, then the deluxe option just might be for you! You will open the box to find everything that was included in the basic box plus a few additional accessories and princess toys for $75 per box.

Disney Princess subscription box
Credit: The Disney Store

Each subscription box includes those beautiful, authentic and extremely coveted Disney Princess dresses that the Disney Store is known for and imaginative stories built to empower families and promote togetherness. It sounds like some serious fun for everyone - not just your little princess in training.

Every month will focus on a different princess, so you will have the opportunity to learn a little bit more about them all and most definitely add to your little ones dress collection.

We totally get that this is a big financial commitment, but hey, perhaps these dresses with be worth a lot of money someday, making it a worthy investment. And as an added bonus, you might not need to buy Halloween costumes for the next few years - so there's that.

If you haven't already, its time to turn on Netflix to start playing Beauty and the Beast on repeat with the kiddos to relive the magic over and over again.

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