Disney+ Is The Greatest Thing To Happen To Parenting

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When Disney announced that they were finally coming out with her own streaming service, I was thrilled. I am a lifelong Disney fan and thankfully, so is my kiddo. He's six and really starting to be able to sit through and enjoy feature films. And if you're looking for quality kids' animated features, you honestly can't get better than Disney. With Disney+, you will never run out of things to watch.

I am 100 percent pro unlimited screen time for my kiddo. As a working mom, I don't have the time or energy to sit on top of him to time how long he's watching TV. And not to use this as an excuse per say, but as a millennial parent, I grew up as a member of the cable generation. TV is ingrained into my childhood. Plus, at my house, more often than not, TV is like background noise while I take of things around the house and my son plays.

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Since I don't have cable, I rely on streaming services for all of our television and movie entertainment. Disney is notoriously strict with their contracts, which means it can be hard to find their content. But since it's available on YouTube, or he sees shows at friend's houses, he's familiar with Disney shows. Some of them are available to stream, but not some of the more recent shows. And of course, those are the ones he asks for. However, there was no way for me to get those shows. Until now.

Disney+ has pretty much any Disney content that my kiddo could want. And because they own it, we don't have to worry about it disappearing because a contract is up. In the age of streaming, that is one of the constant struggles. My kiddo will find a show or movie that he really loves and then poof it's gone. Trying to explain to him why he suddenly can't watch Moana or Zootopia is hard. But now all of his favorite movies and shows are in one place. And I know that it will help to curb the disappointment he feels when he can't watch the shows he's grown to love.

As a kid, I grew up watching all things Disney. Their shows and movies are apart of some of my most cherished memories. I can still remember being around my son's age when Beauty and the Beast came out and feeling so seen. As a little girl who was often seen with her face buried in a book, I didn't know there were girls who could love reading and still get the hot prince at the end.

Saturday mornings were spent with a bowl of cereal and my Disney cartoons. My favorite was Gummi Bears, which none of my friends seem to remember. But I never missed it. I can also remember rushing to get my homework done so I could watch my favorite afternoon Disney cartoons. You couldn't tear me away if Darkwing Duck or TaleSpin or Chip n' Dale's Rescue Rangers. I can't remember childhood without remembering the Disney content that goes along with it.

That was one of the biggest reasons I was so excited about Disney+. Being able to share the most formative parts of my childhood with my son is special to me. Now with technology constantly changing, it's hard to explain my childhood to him. He's never going to know the joy of cracking open the case of a new Disney VHS. And now that they're turning half of my childhood favorites into  live action versions (we did love The Lion King) being able to share the originals feel even more special for me.

Now that my son is around the age I was when forming some of my favorite Disney entertainment memories. Of course, there are so many new movies and shows that will form his memories. But with Disney+ giving us all of their content, especially those movies I grew up going to see, it changes things. Disney is the one constant to unite generations. I grew up watching the first Disney animated features my parents remembered seeing in the movie theater for the first time. And now I get to share those same memories with my son. The best thing is that it doesn't require me to leave the house or buy any new electronics.

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