Disney Changed ‘Wreck it Ralph 2’ At The Last Minute

Wreck it Ralph

Characters in films, especially in animated films often become iconic. This is especially true if they're the first of their kind in some way. When it comes to Disney movies, this is almost doubly true, as so many of their films' characters have not only become cultural touchstones, but almost reach legendary status. Disney's princesses are definitely some of the most iconic characters in the company's history, because they are beloved by girls and women of multiple generations. So when Disney shared the news that all of their beloved princesses would be making a cameo in the upcoming film Wreck it Ralph 2, many fans were excited.

But when the trailer for Wreck it Ralph 2 was released, some fans noticed something seemed a little...off about one of the princesses. Tiana, the star of The Princess and the Frog didn't look the way she normally did. Most people know Tiana not just as the princess who got turned into a frog, but also, the first black Disney princess ever. In the initial trailer, Tiana's skin looks a lot lighter than fans had remembered it being in her film. There wasn't any apparent reason for her skin to be lightened, but there is was nonetheless. Understandably, fans were upset and called for Disney to fix the problem.

Even though the scene in Wreck it Ralph 2 featuring all the princesses is brief, it is still hugely important. If Disney was taking the time to not only feature them, but bring back as many of the original voice actresses as possible, then why would they drop the ball on properly depicting such a important princess? Advocacy group Color for Change took up the charge, and coupled with fan outcry, they lobbied for Disney to fix the mistake before the film was released.

Thankfully, Disney listened to the group's concerns and did the right thing. Since the film still has time before it's released, the animators were able to go back in and make the appropriate changes. Some people may not understand why the lightening of Tiana's skin was even an issue, but it comes down to simply proper representation. T

he Princess and the Frog was released in 2007, which was 70 years after the release of the first Disney princess movie. There were princesses of several other races before Disney made a black princess. So for them to then do something like change her skin color, even if it was a mistake, was incredibly frustrating for those fans. Even if it took a little pressure, Disney did the right thing by correcting the issue before the film's release.

Wreck it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet comes out in November, and it looks great!

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