Disney’s Throwing A Grown-Up Halloween Party

oogie boogie bash

Once you become a parent, trying to make Halloween fun for yourself is hard. While there is a certain joy that comes from stealing your kid's candy, sometimes we want more. Like an entire night to enjoy Halloween without whining kids. And maybe booze. Well, Disneyland has heard our prayers and are answering in a big way. They've created Oogie Boogie Bash, a new Halloween party specifically for adults and teens.

The Bash will take place in the Disney California Adventure Park beginning in September. It's like Mickey's Halloween Bash, but with no little kids and more booze. Like, a lot of booze. And because Disney has some of the best villains, like Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas, this party is a lot more villainous. There are even some fun new "wild" rides just for the occasion.

And while villains and rides are cool, we all know the best parts of any party are the food and booze. And Oogie Boogie Bash will not disappoint. Alcohol will be served openly throughout the park, which is not the norm. Imagine, you can casually sip a cocktail while Jafar tries to turn you into a snake or Ursula threatens to steal your voice. And there will be "treat trails," cauldrons filled with candy just casually lining the path for you to grab as you walk. Candy lined streets? Can we just live there?

Looking for a truly devious dining experience? Check out Carthay Circle, the movie palace and restaurant, which will be transformed into a haunted dining experience. Outside will be encircled in Maleficent's vines, but inside is just as spooky! Then after you've eaten, you can walk off your meal on the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail if you dare. Or you can burn off your street candy at the Descendants inspired DescenDANCE Party. And then you can catch one of the three shows! Choose between the Villainous! “World of Color” show, the Frightfully Fun Parade, or Mickey's Trick and Treat Show.

Pack your bags (plus extra ones for street candy) and hurry! Oogie Boogie Bash is only open from September 17th until October 31st. The party requires its own special admission, with prices ranging from $110 and $145. You can get more information and tickets from the Disneyland website.

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