Disney+ Allowing Millennial Parents To Share Childhood Favorites With Their Kids

If you are a big Disney fan, you have undoubtedly been watching their new streaming service, Disney+, that officially launched on Tuesday after much anticipation. After some unfortunate technical difficulties were tended to, families sat down across the nation to see what this new streaming service was all about.

The cool thing about this service is that not only does it contain new movies that our children are growing up with, but it also includes the classics that we know and love from our childhood. Yes: things from the exclusive vault are available on Disney+. But the awesomeness doesn't end there. Nope. You also get to enjoy things like Marvel and Pixar, which Disney also owns.

Due to having access to all these amazing shows and movies in one place, you can only imagine that parents everywhere are experiencing some major nostalgia.

In fact, there is so much nostalgia happening that there is a full Reddit thread dedicated to it, Business Insider reported.  Yup, Gen Z kids are being introduced to classic Disney films that their parents have loved forever, and seeing them for the first time.

One parent even posted on Reddit how their 16-year-old son had emerged from his "lair" for the first time to watch TV with her. She posted a photo of her him watching "Beach Picnic", a 1939 short film featuring Donald Duck.

Disney+ Kids Landing Page
Credit: DTCI Media

The faces of the kids that are being posted via the Reddit thread will bring pure joy to you as you scroll through.

Other users have even pointed out that some of the people most excited for the launch of Disney+ are consumers in their 30s - not just the kids. Yes, the millennial generation who are now experiencing things like the revival of Disney through films such as Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast are hooked.

One couple even posted about getting married in Disney World, Florida, and watching Disney+ a day after the wedding. Perfect combination, if you ask us!

In all seriousness though, what could be better quality than than cuddling together on the couch with the entire family and watching all that Disney+ has to offer? After all, there's so much to learn from these movies that it's basically lesson after lesson for kids of all ages.

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