Disney Just Dropped Its 2019 Release Schedule

Honestly, at this point, Disney can just have all our money! While the whole world was distracted by Star Wars and comic book movies, Disney Studios has been quietly building up a banner year of releases for 2019. And it's not like 2017-2018 were too shabby, either! We got The Last Jedi, a Hans Solo movie, and Avengers: Infinity War. They gave us a new Spider-Man movie, plus the Guardians of the Galaxy sequel. Not to mention Coco, Cars 3, The Incredibles 2, and Wreck It Ralph 2! And dare we forget, Mary Poppins Returns comes out Christmas 2018. But as amazing as the last couple of years of Disney movies have been, they have nothing on what's headed our way in 2019.

The entire world cried for five minutes straight after Disney dropped the teaser trailer for the live-action version of Dumbo. The song! His big floppy ears! Danny DeVito in another top hat! It's almost too much, and we're already stocking up on tissues for its release March 29, 2019.

Following the release of Dumbo in March, Disney is releasing its documentary about everyone's favorite arctic bird, Penguins. If you've ever seen Born in China, you know that Disney does the cute animal documentaries VERY well, so mark April 19, 2019 on your calendar for this one.

Two more live-action versions of Disney classics come out in 2019, and we're beyond excited for both of them. Aladdin hits on May 24, 2019, and the highly-anticipated live-action The Lion King roars into theaters on July 19, 2019.

Finally, Disney has announced release dates for two MAJOR sequels next year. Disney and Pixar team up yet again to bring everyone's favorite toys to life in Toy Store 4, coming out June 21, 2019. And brace yourselves, parents. Just when you FINALLY got "Let It Go" out of your head, Disney had to go and make a new Frozen movie. Frozen 2 will send chills down all our spines when it comes out November 27, 2019.

We're not going to lie, we are just a LITTLE BIT excited for everything Disney Studios has in store for us! Lots of laughs, old friends returning, and more than a few tears shed, we're sure. 2019 is going to be an amazing year for Disney!

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