10 Things You Should Discuss At The Dinner Table With Your Kids

Although it seems to be a less popular trend nowadays, eating together as a family has many physical and emotional benefits for everyone involved. Specifically, eating dinner together will help boost the family’s self-esteem and increase healthy food choices! More than just bonding and physical health, family dinners also provide a great opportunity to connect with your partner and your children on a more personal level. In order to get the most out of dinner time, you should utilize conversation topics to learn more about each other. Today, we’ll be going over a list of topics that you should discuss with your kids at the dinner table in order to keep everyone in the loop!

10 Your Children’s Friends

One of the most exciting parts of growing up is all the new friends that your children will make along the way! Aside from you and your partner, their friends will have the most influence on your child’s behaviors, passions, and interests.

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Dinner time is a great opportunity to get to know your child’s social life and the different buddies that they hang out with throughout their school day. Not only will you know your child’s everyday life more, but you’ll also be able to see what types of friends that they’re making. If the friends seem to be a bad influence on your child, you’ll also be ready to educate your child on the correct behaviors.

9 Something New They Learned at School

The purpose of education, of course, is to learn new things every day! Whether it’s a new math equation, a fact about the history of Italy, or a new word in Spanish, your child will be absorbing unfamiliar information every day. A great topic to discuss at the dinner table, therefore, remains new findings at school. Ask your child to list some of the things they learned that day, and discuss them in more detail by offering your advice or your thoughts on the matter. Discussing things they’ve learned will provide a nice common ground for you to get to know your child’s interests and passions on a more personal level.

8 Family Updates

A healthy family relationship means communicating with every member about new updates, happenings, and exciting events going on! The dinner table is a great place to get your kids caught up on the family news. In addition to talking about home improvements and other things directly related to your family, also include news about grandparents, cousins, aunts, and other members of the extended family. Get your kids excited about weddings, new baby cousins, or family game nights that are happening in the near future! Not only is this beneficial for family bonding, but keeping your kids updated will also encourage them to remain thrilled for family events!

7 Extracurriculars

In addition to talking about school, extracurriculars are also important to discuss with your children at the dinner table. Whether your child plays basketball or joined a reading club, it’s important to show your support and take the opportunity of dinner to catch up on their achievements and passions. Ask about their recent games, practices, or meetings, and add your input on how they can make the most of their interests. Doing so will not only help boost your child’s self-confidence, but it will also benefit your relationship with them. If your child doesn’t do very many extracurriculars, dinner time is also a great opportunity to discuss some potential options for the future!

6 Goals for the Week

To stay focused and motivated, everyone needs to have some goals for the week. A goal could be as simple as waking up on time every day or feature a more difficult task, such as making an A+ on a test. Spend some time at the dinner table sharing your goals for the week and asking your child about his or hers.

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If your little one is having some trouble coming up with goals, offer a few helpful suggestions. Maybe they could read a new book, make a new friend, or share something in a class discussion. Talking about potential goals can help boost your children’s motivation as well as encourage them to step out of their comfort zone!

5 Vacation Ideas

Family vacations are definitely something to be thrilled over! To help keep your kids excited as well as plan a better trip, include vacation ideas on the list of topics to discuss at the dinner table. Get everyone to share their opinions on their favorite trips in the past, and compile a list of ideas for where to go in the future. Giving your children something to look forward to is a great way to keep them motivated during the school year. Furthermore, it provides a lighthearted, enjoyable topic of discussion at the dinner table after a potentially long and exhausting day. With older children especially, you’ll be surprised at all the good ideas they have to add to your next vacation!

4 Something New Parents Learned During the Day

Your children aren’t the only ones who are learning every day! Lifelong learners are constantly soaking up new information about everything and anything perceivable, and it’s a good idea for you to model an enthusiastic outlook for your child. In addition to listening to everything that your child learned at school, share some new things that you learned throughout the day. Make a point of explaining to your little one that even adults are constantly finding out new things, and give them a few examples. They can be as simple as an animal fact you saw on television or a new book that you’ve read. The point here is to show your kiddos that you should always be open-minded.

3 Best Part About Everyone’s Day


Exciting good news is always worth sharing as a family! Whether it’s a promotion at work or getting a sticker for a beautiful drawing, everyone will have something different to celebrate every single day. Even not-so-great days will have shining moments, and sharing everyone’s favorite part will help maintain a positive atmosphere within any household. Discuss at length the different achievements that everyone had, and offer plenty of congratulations and praise. Talking about positivity at the dinner table will not only help end your little one’s day on a good note but also teach them about the benefits of optimism!

2 Worst Part About Everyone’s Day

Of course, life is never purely sunshine and rainbows. Many times, it could prove to be difficult for both you and your kiddos to find the good in a particular day. On those dreary days, try talking about the bad things that everyone encountered at the dinner table. Although this may sound sad and miserable, talking it out as a family can actually greatly improve the situation. For one, family members provide some of the best support out there. It’s always better to know everything that your little one is experiencing in order for you to properly help them get through it. Furthermore, everyone’s mood will improve if they get the weight off their chest by sharing their negative thoughts!

1 Ways to be Happier or Improve Home Life

Finally, a good discussion topic for the dinner table is ways to improve life at home! Although young children are likely to suggest silly requests such as multiplying the amount of stuffed animals present or adding a pool, the discussion will do wonders for the atmosphere. It’s also a good time for you and your partner to include your children on what everyone can do to make your home an even better place to live in. Other than going over chores, you can talk about potential new additions to the house and even have your children vote on ideas! Talking about family improvements will also greatly strengthen the bonds between everyone involved!

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