Viral Image Of Dilated Cervix Chart Shows What We Go Through During Childbirth

dilated cervix

If you've ever experienced the, uh, joy of childbirth, then you know firsthand that it's a marvel and doesn't make any logical sense whatsoever. Like, you can feel (and sometimes see) how big that baby is. And you know, after a lifetime of having one, that a vagina just isn't that big! As you learn more about the ins and outs (ha!) of childbirth, you begin to understand how freaking amazing the female body can be. The way it works to get the baby in position, moved it down the birth canal, and then somehow open just enough to get the baby out. Reading about it doesn't come close to being able to fully appreciate the mechanics of it all.

Even during childbirth, it's hard to really understand just what your body is doing! But when you see a visual representation of how your baby will get out of your body, it sort of stops you in your tracks. You HEAR 10 centimeters and think, sure that seems fine. But to see 10 centimeters in relation to the size of an actual newborn? MIND. BLOWN.

This viral graphic on Facebook shows just how much we go through during childbirth, and it is for this reason that we deserve all of the things.

This is what 10cm of dilation looks like. This is why we deserve all the things.

Posted by Steffanie Christi'an on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

When you look at it counterclockwise from one centimeter, it's so insane. Some women go from one to 10 in a matter of minutes! Your body literally changes itself in order to get the baby out, and it does so all on its own. That is quite the transformation, and anyone who's done it should stop and pat themselves in the back. Honestly, you should be patting yourself on the back if you've been through ANY kind of childbirth, vaginal or c-section. Because yes, this visual representation is awesome, but so is being literally cut open and having your organs moved aside to bring your baby earthside. We're all heroes, is what we're saying.

Also, just ponder for a moment that the head shown in the 10 centimeter hole is ... quite a bit larger than 10 centimeters? And we haven't even talked about shoulders and body and all that jazz. Women are extraordinary creatures who do the impossible every single day, and we do it with nary a complaint (OK, maybe a few complaints, but it still gets done)> All the things - give them to us.

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