Derick Dillard On Jim Bob Duggar: He Keeps All The Money & Lets His Kids Starve!

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Rumors have been circulating for quite some time now that there may be trouble in the Duggar family, particularly between Duggar patriarch Jim Bob Duggar and eldest daughter Jill's husband, Derick Dillard. Derick was fired from Counting On, TLC's spin-off of 19 Kids and Counting that originally focused on the lives of the married Duggar daughters Jill and her sister Jessa. Derick has stated in the past that he and his wife weren't compensated for their participation in the hit TLC show and hinted that Jim Bob was the one who was actually collecting the paycheck.

Now it seems that Derick is ready to spill a little more tea about his father-in-law, and we don't think Jim Bob is going to be happy about it. Back in March of 2018, a Twitter user asked Derick about whether he asked TLC to pay a hospital bill, and why? Just last week, over a year later Derick replied to that tweet confirming that he did indeed ask for a reimbursement. "I thought it was fair to ask in negotiating... TLC made lots of money in filming a birth special episode, and they had not offered to pay us anything. So I thought, at the very least, they could reimburse 5-10K for medical expenses. TLC sure made more than that off of us," he wrote.

In the past, Derick has stated on Twitter that he thought he and Jill were simply 'volunteering' their time to be on the show and weren't part of the contract negotiations, and because of that he felt he was justified in asking for some of their hospital bills to be paid. “TLC should approach all adults if they expect any obligation from them, so they can evaluate their own situation,” Derick wrote in a now-deleted tweet last year, The Ashley reported. “Like I said, until recently, I assumed we were just volunteering to help out in filming where it would help out. I knew they didn’t owe anything but I didn’t think it was unreasonable to request some expense reimbursement under the impression we volunteered all the time."

When one Twitter user, who like many is curious as to where all the money from the hit reality show has gone, asked Derick, "why does Jim Bob get all the money for the show and doesnt give any to his children? the actual stars of the show," Derick didn't deny that this happened, he simply replied with "I don’t know. You would have to ask him that." Yikes, sounds like someone is not very happy with the in-laws.

Derick, who is currently working as a GrubHub driver while he attends law school, seems like he's ready to start airing some of the Duggar family dirty laundry. He recently tweeted what some thought was an obvious dig at disgraced son Josh Duggar and now he's opening-up beginning to talk once again about how he and Jill weren't paid for their appearances on Counting On. Or perhaps now that Season 10 of Counting On has just premiered, maybe he simply hopes that his in-laws currently starring on the reality show are getting paid.

Derick is making his stance known. When asked if Jim Bob was still his voice, he very clearly replied writing, "No. and never has been."

It will be interesting to see if Jim Bob responds.

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