Mom Gave Birth At A Pink Concert And Gave Her Baby The Perfect Name

A woman named Denise Jones has just birthed a baby in the middle of a Pink concert. Jones went into labor as soon as Pink announced, "Let's get this party started!" so apparently, the baby got the message.

A diehard Pink fan, Jones attended the concert during her third trimester. But having the baby while watching the show was the last thing she expected.

She was in the main stands and as the concert began, so did her contractions. Paramedics pushed through the crowd and a group of concertgoers guided the women away from the stands.

When the medical team reached Jones, it was obvious that she was in labor and there would not be time to rush her to the hospital. True to mom's favorite singer, the baby was coming out and they'd better get this party started!

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So instead, the paramedics brought Jones to the first aid room and delivered her baby. They had no equipment and no time to waste. Unbelievably, the baby was born within just five minutes.

If it were not for the fellow concert-goers who had helped Jones away from the crowd, she would have had her baby right there in the stands. 4,600 people would have witnessed it. If anything could take the attention away from Pink, that definitely would have!

A dedicated mom herself, Pink probably would not have minded. But Jones herself may not have appreciated that kind of attention! Especially considering she was without pain medication.

Denise Jones had intended on naming her daughter Dolly Louise, but after her crazy birth experience, she made a little change. The baby girl was named Dolly Pink instead.

One thing is for sure, Dolly Pink will grow up to be one of the youngest concert goers there ever was. Both mom and baby are doing great. Jones couldn't be happier, but she has to admit how disappointed she was to miss the Pink concert!

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