New Mom Shamed Before Even Leaving The Hospital With Her Newborn

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Reality star Deena Cortese is quickly learning that even new mothers aren't safe from the wrath of mommy-shamers! The Jersey Shore star and her husband Christopher Buckner welcomed their first son, Christopher John who they are adorably calling CJ, on January 5th and she's already had to deal with sanctimommies online trying to call her out on her parenting techniques.

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Cortese has been eagerly sharing photos of her new, precious bundle of joy like any excited mama would do, but she quickly learned that being in the public eye invites a lot of unwanted and unsolicited comments by those who feel the need to publicly mommy shame the new mother. It began when Cortese shared a few photos of herself and her husband bringing CJ home from the hospital.

Credit: Instagram / @DeenaNicoleMTV

The question that sparked the online outrage showed the infant nestled in his car seat wearing what appears to be a bulkier outfit. With it being January in New Jersey, the weather has been cold so obviously the new parents tried to bundle up their new baby to keep him safe against the elements, but Cortese's followers had no problem speaking out against his outfit in the name of carseat safety.

Credit: Instagram / @DeenaNicoleMTV

Many of Cortese's followers were quick to point out to the new mother that CJ's outfit was simply too bulky for the child to be safe in his car seat and stated that newborns (or any child) should never wear jackets in car seats because they don't allow the car seat restraint system to work as it should. While many fans came to Cortese's defense, the reality star clapped back at the mommy-shamers herself.

"Going home," she captioned the pictures of her new family before adding, "( it’s not a jacket .. it’s a onesie and hospital approved it ) we’re not perfect but we got this, thank you for the concerns." Sadly that didn't stop the sanctimommies from giving their opinion.

"No "experts" in the maternity ward," wrote on commenter. "Hospital staff isn't trained in carseat safety. So the fact that they said it's safe doesn't really mean anything. They only care that the parents have a carseat. That's what they are checking for."

Another urged Cortese to 'do better.' "Most hospitals don’t have CPSTs on staff a nurse isn’t qualified to make that call. You’ve been a mommy for a few short days, no expects you to know it all. But it’s our job as moms to keep them safe, don’t put your pride above your child’s safety. Know better do better."

While car seat safety is extremely important, most of us rarely take advice from strangers on the internet, despite how well meaning they are. Cortese is brand new at this whole mother thing and I'm sure she will learn as she goes, how she chooses to learn. I doubt she's going to be looking at the comment section on her Instagram page for insight on parenting questions unless she specifically asks for it.

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