Science Confirms People Who Decorate For Christmas Early Are Happier

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Now that the ghosts and goblins and all things Halloween are safely tucked away until next year, many people are shifting their focus to the next major holiday, Thanksgiving. However, die hard Christmas fans have been eagerly waiting for November 1st to arrive so they can begin their holiday decorating despite those who chastise them for decorating too early.

Despite much ongoing debate on when is the right time to start decorating for Christmas, like there's some acceptable date on the calendar for when you can trim your tree and turn on your Christmas lights, experts say that the earlier you do it, the happier you are.

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Psychoanalyst Steve McKeown explained to Unilad why those who decorate for Christmas earlier are simply happier.  "In a world full of stress and anxiety people like to associate to things that make them happy and Christmas decorations evoke those strong feelings of the childhood," he stated. "Decorations are simply an anchor or pathway to those old childhood magical emotions of excitement. So putting up those Christmas decorations early extend the excitement!"

Psychologist Deborah Serani told TODAY Home also confirmed that early decorating makes people happier. "It does create that neurological shift that can produce happiness," she said. "I think anything that takes us out of our normal habituation, the normal day in, day out ... signals our senses, and then our senses measure if it's pleasing or not. Christmas decorating will spike dopamine, a feel-good hormone," Serani added.

Christmas is a happy time of year for most people who celebrate, so early decorating puts them in a good mood. Who doesn't love to see their house transform from its regular, every day look to something bright and shining and twinkling and fun? The bright colors of the decorations and the glowing lights and the general excitement that decorating for Christmas brings out in all family members has proven to make people happier, which just makes sense.

Nostalgia also plays a big part in why people decorate early and why it makes them so happy. "The holiday season stirs up a sense of nostalgia," psychotherapist Ann Morin told Unilad. "Nostalgia helps link people to their personal past and it helps people understand their identity. For many putting up Christmas decorations early is a way for them to reconnect with their childhoods."

For many decorating early helps bring up fond memories from their childhood. For those who don't have such fond memories from when they were young, decorating early often helps them make new memories for themselves and their family that are happier. Research also shows that people tend to assume those who decorate their homes for the holidays are friendlier and more neighborly than those who don't!

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