Dax Shepard's Kids Has Funny Reaction To Finding Out He And Kristen Bell Are Famous

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are more than just incredible actors. They're interstellar human beings that ooze relatability on every level. Remember the time that Kristen admitted to catching anal worms from her daughter? That's why we love them; they're down in the trenches with us. Now, Dax has shared with Stephen Colbert that their daughters, 4-year-old Delta, and 6-year-old Lincoln didn't have a clue their parents were famous until recently. According to the Huffington Post, the reaction was OTT adorable and hilarious.

Shepard explained to the talk show host that his kids knew that he and Bell were well-known, but hadn't realized the extent of their celebrity. Despite seeing billboards, visiting sets and having people approach them for autographs while out and about, the two sweethearts just didn't quite get it. It was only when Dax was discussing his podcast with one of his daughters that the penny finally dropped.

When the adorable tot asked her dad why people listened to the show, he explained that people knew him because he's famous. In the cutest reaction of all time, she flipped out and exclaimed, "You're famous? Does mom know?"

Shepard explained to his little girl that mommy is actually more famous than dad, which totally rocked her world. Dax's star began to rise when he worked on the MTV show Punk'd in the early noughties, before rejoining for the 2012 reboot. It was the actor's friendship with host Ashton Kutcher that helped him get an agent. His appearance on the show and newfound reputation aided him in landing a role in the commercially successful move Without a Paddle, opposite Seth Green and Matthew Lillard. Since then, the father-of-two has continued to work steadily, although admittedly hasn't been as successful in his pursuits as his wife.

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Bell got her big break in the teen drama Veronica Mars, in which she played the title role. As well as starring roles in Forgetting Sarah Marshell, Couples Retreat and The Disaster Artist, Bell is widely-known as the voice of everyone's favorite redheaded princess, Anna from Frozen. The actress is reprising her role for the upcoming sequel and is busy working on a revival of Veronica Mars.

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