Daughter Arrested After Calling 911 When Mom Collapses At Concert

calling 911

What was supposed to be a fun mother-daughter outing for Adrienne Fragatos and her mother Karen turned into anything but fun. Adrienne and Karen were attending an outdoor concert featuring Imagine Dragons where they stood outside for a total of about three hours. When it came time to leave Karen became ill and couldn't walk, prompting her worried daughter to dial 911. Adrienne had no idea that her call would result in her arrest.

Adrienne shared with Inside Edition exactly what happened when it came time to leave the concert venue. "As we started to walk, my mom collapsed. Her legs gave out. I was petrified," Adrienne explained. Terrified that her mother was seriously ill, Adrienne called 911 for help. "I think my mom is having a heart attack and no one is here so I am trying to get someone to come here," she told the dispatcher.

In a recording of the call Adrienne, who was panicked at the time of the call, had trouble giving the 911 dispatcher the exact location of where she and her mother were and seemed to get frustrated with them. When asked if she was on the lawn or above the lawn, Adrienne responded that "I am on the lawn, what does it even matter? I am here!" The dispatcher responded that it was a big property and they were simply trying to locate her prompting Adrienne to reply, "I don't want my mom to die while you are on the phone so let's give me something."

When first responders arrived they found that Karen thankfully wasn't having a heart attack but instead was just dehydrated. At that point, police arrested Adrienne for making a false police report by calling 911. She said she thought if she was nicer on the 911 call she wouldn't have been arrested.

Summit County Police released a statement to Inside Edition stating, "If an individual initiates an emergency response by police or fire for a situation that they know did not occur, they can not only be criminally charged, but they could also endanger someone's life."

The case was eventually dropped, but not before Adrienne spent $5000 in legal fees.

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