How To Get Back Into The Dating Pool As A Single Mom

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Being a single parent comes with its fair share of obstacles. Not only are you responsible for raising tiny humans all on your own, but suddenly, dating is harder than it's ever been before. Introducing a new person into your family life can seem daunting, especially when you've worked so hard to reach a place of normality following on from a split. It's tempting to shy away from the dating pool entirely, but if you want to get out there but just aren't sure how, we've got a few tips to help you navigate these new waters thanks to the great people at Zoosk.

Make dating a priority. As parents, we make sure that the needs of our children are met first. While this is an essential part of raising kids, we tend to forget that our own happiness is important to. If you get some alone time, make a point of scheduling in a date or going somewhere where you're likely to meet new people. As much as we love Netflix, it won't put a ring on it.


Don't be frivolous. Dating recklessly in your pre-baby life might have been fun, but now you've got responsibilities don't waste time with people who don't fit what you're really looking for. If they say they don't want commitment but you do, then thank them and move on. No matter how attracted to them you are, if your core values don't line up then it's better for everyone to cut your losses and move on.

Take your time. If you're really fed up of being single, then you might fall into the habit of getting overly invested too quickly. Trying to force a relationship or putting unreasonable expectations on something can have the opposite effect. With the right person, everything will fall into place.

Use what's available. Online dating doesn't have the taboo that it did a decade ago. These days, everyone knows at least one couple that met through an app or social media. Don't be afraid to utilize what's available to you. If you really want to go the whole hog, consider hiring a matchmaker or professional dating coach.

Most importantly, have fun, stay safe and enjoy yourself!

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