‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ Celebrates Introverts

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There are a handful of kid's television shows and cartoons that haven't yet driven us completely mad. They all start out cute and great, but after repeated viewings, even the best shows get a little annoying. You can only hear the same song so many times before it makes you want to throw your TV out the window! But when it comes to the shows we (and our kids) love, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is at the top of the list. Daniel and his lovable friends and supportive family and teachers are just the kind of characters we want our own kiddos to look up to and emulate. The show covers a lot of important topics, like how to manage difficult feelings and moms returning to the workplace. But it does so in a way that makes it easier for kids to understand.

One recent episode handled a sensitive situation in a really lovely way. Daniel needed some time to himself, which can be a difficult thing for kids to express! It really highlighted how we should handle our more introverted kids, and how important it is to try to understand our kids' feelings.

In an episode titled, "I Want to Be Alone!", Daniel is having a hard time being around his outgoing and excited friends. He's feeling overstimulated and needs to some to just be by himself. This is super common with kiddos that age, and we've all probably dealt with it at one point or another! Rather than tell Daniel to suck it up and keep playing or admonishing him for his feelings, Teacher Harriet immediately validated his feelings, and helped him find a quiet place where he could draw and take a break from the situation.

If you're an introvert, or have an introverted kid, then you know how important it is to be able to get away from uncomfortable situations and have some quiet time to yourself. So often we expect kids to just adapt to the situation they're in, even if it makes them uncomfortable or sad or stressed out. We love that Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood addressed this, and we hope that more kids are given the space they need when they need it!

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