Daniel Tiger’s Mom Will Be Going Back To Work In The Upcoming Season

Daniel Tiger

Daniel Tiger is one of the few cartoon characters that we can watch regularly without wanting to throw the TV out of the window and ban all mentions of the show in our house for all eternity. Let's be real, he isn't CAILLOU, right? That kid has issues and we refuse to subscribe! But Daniel Tiger and his family and neighborhood are only mildly annoying. We can get down with the Mr. Roger's vibe and Daniel's parents and the quirky characters he interacts with in each episode. And now, we have an even better reason to dig Daniel! Spoilers for the fourth season of the show have been revealed, and it looks like Mom Tiger is going to be reentering the work force.

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Series creator Angela Santomero sat down with The Atlantic and dished on what's new with Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. In case you're not familiar with the show, it follows Daniel Tiger, his mom and dad (Mom and Dad Tiger, respectively), Daniel's little sister Margaret, and various friends and neighbors like Miss Elaina and Katarina Kittycat. It's a really entertaining preschool show (OK, so we're not in preschool and we love it, cut us some slack).

Up until now, Mom Tiger has stayed home to care for Daniel and Margaret, but in season four, she goes back to work. And what does Mom Tiger do? She's got a teacher or nurse personality, but in an awesome twist, Mom Tiger is a builder!

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Santomero says Mom Tiger will be building and fixing things all over the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, which is really cool. Even though we're our kids biggest and best role models, they absolutely look to their favorite characters for inspiration as well, and it sounds like Mom Tiger will be a great role model. Not that she wasn't already; taking care of two kids and running a household is one of the hardest jobs there is!

We're really looking forward to the new season of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Not just to see Mom Tiger go back to work, but to see how the family adapts to their new normal. It's a situation so many of us are familiar with, and to see it broken down in a way our kids can understand and appreciate means to much.

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