How To Store Dangerous Household Products When You Have Kids To Worry About

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As parents, we all want to keep our kids as safe as possible, however no matter how much we try there are often hazards lurking everywhere in the home. One of the many common hazards in the home comes in the form of household products. Many household products, including cleaning supplies, and other items (like sharps, cosmetics, flammables, and garden supplies) often contain agents that can be toxic to humans, and as such it is imperative that we keep them stored in a safe place to help protect our kids from harm.

How you store your household products depends on what they are, however the one most important thing is that they are stored in a place that is not accessible to children. This includes out of reach and locked up areas. As parents, we are well aware of just how quickly kids can get into trouble, and that it can only take an instant for things to go wrong.

Cleaning Supplies

If possible, try and replace some of your household cleaning supplies with safer, natural alternatives. Ensure that your cleaning supplies are properly labeled and put away somewhere that is locked. If you have young kids in the house, you should be aware of the poison control numbers, just in case there is an emergency or accident. Regularly used products such as laundry detergent, dish soaps and sanitizers are no exception. Lock them up!


Sharps include things like knives, needles, razors. These should always be kept far outside of a child's reach or locked up. It can take only a moment for your child to handle or drop something dangerous, which can cause them harm.

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Many of us don't realize it, but cosmetics and bath products can be a source of potentially harmful exposures for children. Things like nail polish removers and other beauty supplies can be ingested or handled by children, and may cause injury. It's important to treat these like any other chemicals, keeping them out of reach or locked up to ensure safety.

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Flammables are things like lighters, gasoline, propane tanks, and the like. These items should be stored properly. According to the Connected Fire Safety Services website, proper storage of these items should have the following characteristics:

  • "Cool temperature and dry (not humid)
  • No ignition sources
  • Well-ventilated
  • Accessible by firefighters
  • Equipment to fight fires and materials to clean up spills nearby
  • Signage stating the presence of combustible and flammable liquids, as well as “No Smoking” signs
  • A location well removed from exits, exit paths, elevators and staircases"

Garden Supplies

Although when you think gardening, you may think "all natural", the truth is that many people use all sorts of chemicals and things for their yard, such as fertilizers. Additionally, yard supplies such as shears and garden tools/equipment can be a hazard. These are things like lawnmowers, tree cutters, and weedwhackers. To keep kids safe, ensure they do not have access to this equipment by keeping it in a shed or locked area. Make sure they are being supervised carefully while in the yard around these items.

Although there are many hazards in the home, it can be simple to stay out of harm's way by taking the proper precautions .

Locking things up and making sure your kids do not have access to these items is the best way to keep everyone safe.

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