A 'Life Jacket' Almost Drowned This Toddler In Her Grandparents' Pool

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As parents we do all that we can to keep our kids safe. With summer on the brink of kicking into high gear, there are a host of seasonal precautions we need to consider -- including water safety. While the pools, beaches, lakes, and other bodies of water can provide hours of fun and countless memories for families, they also pose as a danger for little ones and big kids alike as drowning is a very real, very frightening possibility.

Dan Mueller, a concerned grandfather, thought he was doing the right thing by placing his two-year-old granddaughter in a safety-tested life vest that, in theory, was appropriate for her 28 pound body. However, when he placed the little girl in the pool, the life vest immediately flips the child onto her stomach, forcing her head under water.  Mueller even made a video to show other parents of the dangers involved in this particular life vest. He also filmed himself weighing the child to prove that she met the weight requirements for this particular vest.

What ever you parents of young children please do not use this life jacket it is so very dangerous

Posted by Holly Mueller on Sunday, June 10, 2018

The shocking video went viral, because of course concerned parents want to see what could potentially happen to their littles even when they think they have taken necessary safety precautions.

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What some parents were quick to point out, however, is that the item in question isn't actually a life jacket, but rather a personal flotation device. The difference between the two is something that all caregivers need to know before placing their kids in the water with something similar.

The Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit does a fantastic job of explaining the difference between the a life jacket and a personal flotation device on their website, as they are not created equal.

For example, they explain that a life jacket's design is such to turn an unconscious person from face down to face up in the water, whereas a personal flotation device was crafted specifically to keep a conscious person afloat in calm conditions.

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They also assert that: "A life jacket is the best choice if your child is unable to swim or is a weak swimmer. It will give your child the best possible chance for survival should they end up in the water unexpectedly."

The lesson here? Make sure to read the fine print before placing your child in what appears to be a life jacket, but could actually be something different entirely. While the pieces may look the same, their design and job is different.

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