10 Daily Habits To Boost Mom Brain

The rumors of "mom brain" or "pregnancy brain" are true. An expectant mom (or a mother who already has children) may realize that her quick wit and short-term memory isn't as strong as it once was; but why?

For women who are expecting, brain fog occurs more often because there's so much going on that they need to worry about or figure out before her baby arrives. Due to the flood of hormones to mom's body, the brain cells in a woman's brain changes, according to Live Science.

As for women who are already mothers and experience the dreaded "mom brain," The New York Times explains that pregnancy changes a woman's brain forever, in "a cellular level." The connection between pregnancy and mom brain is still being studied, but in the meantime, we have 10 things that may moms make their lives a little easier when carrying a child or simply running around with their children.

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We've been told "you are what you eat!" for years and years, but that quote has never been truer than when a woman is pregnant or caring for her own kids. Now, whether you believe in the magic of food or not, there are plenty of plant-based foods that can boost a new mom's memory.

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Blueberries are extraordinary in terms of antioxidants; healthy fats coming from the likes of salmon, oils, and nuts are crucial for brain health; veggies like broccoli and cauliflower are also excellent to boost memory. A great way to get all these healthy goods is to create tasty and brain-healthy smoothies.


If you forget things naturally without children, just wait until those little rugrats come along. All of a sudden a mom forgets even the simplest things. She'll lock her keys in her car (or keep forgetting where she put her keys), she'll put a pot of coffee on but forget to fill it up with water — leaving her coffee mug waiting and empty, and she'll forget to charge her phone at night because she can't find her phone charger. What's a gal to do!?

One thing that can help is keeping a bowl next to the front door. In the bowl will be all the daily necessities that you need to get around. Phone chargers, car keys, garage door opener — anything you need before you leave the house should be in that bowl.


One busy mama explained how she used Amazon's Dash Buttons to help her get over her mommy brain. These virtual buttons essentially hook on to different products in a household.

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When a product is getting low, all mom has to do is click it and it automatically orders it via Amazon. So when it comes to detergent, diapers—you name it—all mom has to do is click and it's ordered.


It's very easy for moms to get in their own head and only worry about what's going on in their own household. While that's very commendable, it may be healthy for a mom to reconnect with those outside her household. Connecting with other family members, friends, and colleagues (or former colleagues) is advised by The Art of Simple. As they note, "There is a strong connection between maintaining healthy friendships and improved mental health, including memory and focus."


Any woman can walk into a Barnes & Noble and find books on brain teasers. There are word games and puzzles to keep a woman's brain sharp and on point. However, if you can barely remember your spouse's name, then how are you going to remember to bring around brain teasers with you?

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Instead, download a few apps that help with brain function. Most parents always have their phones on them so downloading a few apps is the perfect


There comes a point in every new mom's life where staying in shape becomes harder and harder. Who has time to go to the gym with kids running around? Likewise, sometimes working out while pregnant is harder than it looks, making us want to lay low indoors all day. However, the benefits of being physically active are crucial in every mom's life. The Art of Simple expresses how brains with more oxygen create stronger connections.


If you get in the habit of setting timers for yourself before kids, you're going to be a professional once those kiddos arrive. Setting alarms as tiny reminders is a great way to stay on track.

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Have something in the oven while needing to get the house ready? Set a timer. Need to leave the house in five minutes? Set a timer. Once that timer goes off, you'll remember exactly why you set it in the first place.


There's nothing like getting into a routine. Routines are a great way to keep a person on track, accomplishing their goals. Getting into a routine (whether you already have kids or are pregnant) is also an easy way to remember what you need to do and when to do it. Over time routines will change as your life does, but it's important to keep the routine, nevertheless.


Surprise! There's a reason everyone reminds us how important sleep is. It's a way for our body to recharge and refuel for the next day. Sleeping is also how our brain rests and repairs.

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To enhance your brain's development while snoozing, you can take prenatal vitamins, DHA, and vitamins B, C, K, and E.


Don't ask me why but multitasking is something can comes easily for women. Whether it's brushing our teeth while going to the restroom or cleaning the dishes while talking on the phone, if there are multiple things that need to be done in an efficient way, a woman can make it happen.

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However, when there comes a time that multitasking is no longer working thanks to mom brain — give it a rest. Do one thing at a time and do what comes naturally. More importantly, if you need help — say something! A woman can never have too much pride when it comes to raising her family.

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