Dad Wants Wife To Pay For Formula Because She Stopped Breastfeeding For 'Basically No Reason'

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One father is feeling so angered over the fact that his wife stopped breastfeeding that he reportedly wants her to pay for their child’s formula. The disgruntled husband took to Reddit to complain that his wife decided to stop breastfeeding for “basically no reason.” Because of her decision, he wants her to pay for their child’s formula out of her own personal spending money.

The anonymous husband and new father asked Reddit if he is an “a**hole” for wanting his wife to pay for their baby’s formula out of her own pocket. He explained that his wife was breastfeeding for the first six months of the child’s life. Even though, according to him, she still has “plenty of milk” she decided to switch to formula for personal reasons.

The husband’s concerns seem to be coming from the couple’s financial situation, as he also said that their grocery budget is already tight as it is. That’s why he wants his wife and the new mother to come up with her own way of paying for the formula.

The father wrote on Reddit, “I think if she wants to stop for basically no reason, then the money for formula should come out of her personal spending money because she is the one making that decision. She says I am an a*shole, and it should come from the family/grocery budget—which is already tight—even though I don’t have a say.”

It didn’t take very long for other Reddit users to respond. While it is pretty clear that he was looking for a little support and understanding, he didn’t get any. Many Reddit users blasted him for being selfish and petty, among other things.

The father received so much negative feedback that he decided to take his post down. Luckily, a few people managed to take screenshots of how it all went down, with many people calling the husband a poor partner and father for wanting his wife to solely pay for their child’s formula.

“Where was that post claiming someone else is the biggest a*shole of the year,” one user asked. “Because I think we have a new leader.”

Reports have indicated that breastfeeding has been on the rise in recent years. According to the CDC, about 8 in 10 mothers begin breastfeeding their children at birth. However, many stop earlier before it is recommended.

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