This Dad Shared His Sneaker Collection And It's Basically Every Dad


When you're a parent, you often find yourself creating a parent uniform, either by accident or on purpose. Usually you find something you like, more of than not because it's comfortable, and then you stick with it. For former football player Anthony Adams, the consistent part of his parent uniform is sneakers.

In a recent Instagram post, Adams shared a pic of five pairs of the same pair of white sneakers. They are in varying levels of cleanliness, with Adams making note of what he uses each pair for. Basically, Anthony Adams is peak dad, and we're loving it.

Imma go wit shade 2 today. Do a lil light grilling...

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Adams chose the second pair, labeled "light grilling" to wear for the day. They are only slightly dirty, so obviously light grilling isn't a particularly dirty experience. None of the shoes are as pristine as his date night shoes, so either he doesn't go out on dates much (which is likely since he has four kids!) or he is extra careful about his foot game when it comes to a night out. The number two shoes are also his party shoes. So maybe since he uses them for grilling, he's okay with them potentially getting stepped on, thus making them perfect for parties.

The real question is, what is the difference between light grilling and BBQ grilling? Besides the fact that the BBQ grilling shoes are way dirtier than the others. BBQ grilling must be a more intensive process. If he's using a charcoal grill, it's likely a lot messier because of flying ash and burnt charcoal briquettes. He obviously does a good amount of grilling if he has two different pairs of sneakers dedicated to the activity.

His dirtiest two pairs are obviously the ones he likely uses the most. Or at very least, they are the ones he uses for his most strenuous activities. One pair is a workout/fishing/hooping pair. Fishing and working out in the same shoes sounds like it could be kind of gross. At very least, they are probably very smelly. But the yard work pair are probably the ones that see the most actual dirt.

No matter how you slice it, Anthony Adams' dad game is on point. He understands that it is important to have a variety of shoes, even if they are the same pair. And at least he isn't wearing his yard work shoes on a date like some dads!

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