Dad Shares 10-Year-Old Daughter’s Christmas List, Leaves Everyone Laughing

Sometimes, parents want to send curses to the elves at the North Pole. Tales of the little guys building toys at Santa's workshop makes many kids believe that the big guy doesn't have to worry about money, which means that their wish list can get extra long and expensive. Some kids are super sweet about their Santa lists, but others can give their parents heart palpitations as the holiday season approaches.

One guy recently shared on social media the list that his girl plans to give Santa, and you would think that his girl was North West or some other Kardashian kid with the demands. It caused his followers to go into hysterics, imagining the price tag of the items she envisions more than sugar plums. One of the funniest parts is the juxtaposition between the normal 10-year-old girl requests of LOL dolls and makeup with the high-class desires like a Chanel purse.

This girl knows her brands, from her pink Pumas to her checkered Vans and Gucci slides. But even more than that, she wants the same things that half of America wants but could never afford like an iphone 11, airpods and a new Macbook air. Sprinkled in between the "julery" and "purfum" are a few reminders that this is a pre-teen we are talking about. She wants a real bunny and an alarm clock.

We're certain that @A_Johnson412 would do anything he could to give his little diva the Christmas of her dreams, but the reality for most of us is that just the first item on the list (the iphone) would max out the entire holiday budget.

The hardest job for parents during the holidays is to teach kids that the most important part of the season is about giving, not getting. We all love to see the look of glee on our little ones' faces when they see what Santa brought them on Christmas morning, but fulfilling those wish lists can feel impossible.

It looks like @A_Johnson412 will be working overtime to try to make Christmas special for his little girl — or the elves will have their hands full come Dec. 24.

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