Dad Sends Daughter To School In Underwear, Mom Has Perfect Response

We've all had those busy mornings where getting the kids dressed is less like a morning ritual and more like the Battle of Hastings. However, Aliza Friedlander has her pre-school routine down to a fine art. According to POPSUGAR, the freelance writer left her husband Brad in charge when she had to leave early one morning for a meeting. Even though Brad is more than adept at handling things...something still managed to go very awry. As the day went on, Aliza discovered that Brad sent 3-year-old Brooklyn to school wearing her potty-training underwear...and nothing else on top.

The morning started out just like many others, with lunches packed and breakfast for the kids as Aliza got ready for her early meeting. After mom shot off to work, the kids went upstairs to get themselves dressed. It wasn't until Aliza's mom turned up at the school to watch Brooklyn during her music class that the hilarious error came to light. Although to be fair to Brad, Aliza's mom thought they were bike shorts at first. It was only when the tot turned around that the realization dawned, prompting grandma to turn to a friend of the family who was also there and ask, "Is Brooklyn wearing underwear?" The friend could only say, "Yes."

The friend immediately texted Aliza, who fired off a message to her husband, who said, "Don't leave them in her drawer for her to pick." According to dad, it was just like wearing a swimsuit. Luckily, Aliza found the entire situation amusing, despite being "the talk of the school". Apparently, Brooklyn told her papa when she emerged that morning that they were bike shorts and she had underwear on...under the underwear. Clearly, this is one youngster that had her plan figured out from start to finish.

It's the first time Aliza had left the school run to her husband in six years, she explains. "Nothing like this has ever happened before," she laughs. On the bright side, at least the kids got to school and had their lunches...underwear or no underwear!

Something tells us Aliza might be pushing her meetings to the afternoon in the future.

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