Dad Offers To Give Overweight Daughter $15 For Every Hour She Spends At The Gym

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Parents of girls have to walk a fine line when it comes to discussing physical activity, nutritious eating, and weight loss. Young women are constantly bombarded with messages that they need to lose weight which can lead to eating disorders and long term mental health struggles.

So, what's a parent to do when their daughter's weight is putting their health at risk? One dad came up with the idea to offer his 22-year-old daughter $15 for every hour she spent working out as a way to motivate her to get moving and get her heart healthy. He took to the popular Reddit thread, AITA (am I the ***hole) to get some opinions and advice on how to handle the situation.

According to the dad, her weight gain has gone "beyond an aesthetic issue" and that he's "tried to speak to her about her weight, approaching it as delicately as [he] could" and even said that she has been willing to hear him out. Still, he could tell that the conversation left his daughter feeling "a bit hurt" but that she ultimately agreed that it is an issue she should be focusing on but that she just doesn't have the time or energy right now as a grad student with a part-time job.

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So, that's how dad came up with the idea to pay her to work out. Since she doesn't make much money at her part-time job and spends so much time in class, getting to the gym actually is difficult for her to make time for. He figured the extra cash would be good motivation and give her the option of working less so she could focus on her health. Also, he made it clear that he'd be paying her on the "honor system" because paying her based on pounds lost could result in "unhealthy eating habits". However, his wife finds the idea completely "disgusting"

On the surface, it does seem appalling, especially in the age of body positivity and health at any size. It would be one thing if she approached him about her weight and asked for advice, but this entire idea is based on his own feelings, not hers.

But, the nature of this Reddit thread is to get public opinion and he was deemed "Not An ***Hole" by the majority of people chiming in. Many argued that physical fitness isn't going to make a huge difference in her appearance and that she should focus on her diet. Others thought this was a creative way to help her get healthy and help her out with money. However, a lot of other people argued that while this is a thoughtful offer, his daughter won't change until she decides her health is important.

What do you think? Should he pay his daughter to work out (with the goal to lose weight) or is his wife right in saying the entire idea is "disgusting"?

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