Dad Furious After Mom Spends $200 More On Gifts For Daughter Than Son

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A mom is looking for advice after her husband basically told her she was playing favorites with her children after he found out that she had spent double the family Christmas gift budget on her daughter and not her son.

The mother, who posted about her dilemma on the popular Reddit forum Am I The A$$hole, recently explained why she came to spend an extra $200 on her 6-year-old daughter than her 3-year-old son, and why her husband is furious about it. The poster, who goes by the name BreeCC, explained that she had previously spent $200 for a school field trip for her daughter to an amusement park. Since the trip wasn't 'educational' BreeCC had her daughter do chores around the house to pay for the trip, including "things like sorting the recycling, helping with the dishes, checking for rocks before her father mows the lawns, etc." BreeCC said she was so happy with her daughter's dedication that when the school canceled the trip, she felt that her daughter had earned that $200. Instead of handing her the cash she decided to purchase her a lavish Barbie mansion dream home as one of her Christmas gifts instead. The home cost $250, so factoring in the $200 that her daughter had 'earned' around the house, she felt that it only took $50 from her allotted budget of $200 per child for Christmas gifts.

She goes on to explain that she's responsible for the Christmas shopping and that when she asked her husband to put the dream home away in a hiding place, he began to question her about how much it cost, and he wasn't happy with BreeCC's explanation. "He's not happy," she wrote. "He thinks it is unfair for our daughters budget to have gone up by 100%, and that this excludes our son. Our son is 3. I honestly don't think he will care, he is getting 'more' gifts, just ones that are not expensive. He has explained that he feels that I should have put the money in her bank account to save for her future. I believe that as she earned the money for something fun it should go towards something fun. If the children were older I would agree with him. But also if they were older I would just give her the $200 to spend on what she wants."

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Bree went on to add that "He is asking me to either return the barbie house or to add another $200 worth of gifts to our sons Christmas budget. He believes I am playing favourites and it will make the children resent each other."

BreeCC asked commenters for their thoughts on whether or not she should have to return the playhouse, but most couldn't seem to get past the fact that she made her six-year-old daughter work to pay for her own school trip!

"You made a 6 yr old work off a school trip at $1 per task?! And then, didn't give her the money (even your husband's bank account idea is better than a more expensive Christmas gift) If I were her, I'd feel so lied to," wrote one Redditor. "Basically stopped reading after mentioned having a SIX-YEAR-OLD REIMBURSE YOU FOR A FIELD TRIP. Good lord," added another. "She earned that $200, it was her money, why are you now acting like it’s a gift from you?" wrote one confused commenter. "It was a school trip, she shouldn’t have had to earn it. But since she did, it’s her money to spend as she wants. So buying her a thing without talking to her first sucks. Spending $200 without talking to your husband sucks," added another.

BreeCC defended herself in a comment writing, "The rule in our home is 'good kids get good things'. If she wants to go to the movies it depends on her behavior and part of that is completing chores. I don't make her earn off every dollar I spend on her. I thought having a good goal to work towards would help teach her long term goal setting and my husband agrees with me on this." Still, Redditors collectively agreed that she was the a$$hole in this situation. Do you agree?

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