Dad Pens Dramatic Play-By-Play Of Parenting While Mom Was Away On Girls Weekend

Let’s face it, every mom needs a break sometimes. Whether it’s a day completely to herself or a well-deserved girl weekend far from the responsibilities of children, work and everything else in between, time away is a must-have so moms can practice some self-care. Of course, when mom is away that means that someone else has to step up, which is normally a spouse or partner, friend or even parent. Moms have some pretty big shoes to fill and one dad recently recalled just how big those shoes are when his wife went away for a weekend leaving him to solo parent their kids.

Kyle Hermes and his wife Veronica are the parents of five young children and Veronica, who is currently in school studying for her Masters in Social Work, took a much-needed break. She left Kyle home with the children while she enjoyed a weekend away with girlfriends. Kyle took to Facebook to post about his weekend of solo parenting and we can’t help but laugh at how dramatic and hilarious it was.

“Day 127 of Veronica Hermes being away on her girls weekend. (who really knows, we lost all means of timekeeping ages ago),” he began his post that anyone who has ever parented solo before can relate to. “The children have converted back to their primal instincts. The house looks as if 10 frat parties simultaneously went off while I was taking the trash out... These aren’t the same children we once had. If we were to release them to storm Area 51, the base would have surrendered within a few hours.”

Day 127 of Veronica Hermes being away on her girls weekend. (who really knows, we lost all means of time keeping ages...

Posted by Kyle Hermes on Saturday, September 21, 2019

He went on to write that he found one of his children, “assisting the small hound in chewing up toys I have never seen before,” while the others were “busy using the furniture as cliffs to dive into a foam pit of pillows, blankets, and anything soft they could find.” Haygen, the couple’s 9-year-old son “hasn’t been seen in days, other than to refuel and hydrate. He is but a blur that occurs only when survival is priority,” Kyle added.

After deciding that dinner would be at their local Cracker Barrel restaurant, “The children ate as if they hadn’t seen food in weeks. This was, of course, not the case. Piles of food, snacks, and other wrappers littered the entire house in a riot like fashion.”

Kyle’s experience being home alone with his children while his wife enjoyed her weekend away seemed to last forever he wrote, noting that “Bedtime seemed to be months away.” Every mother in the world can relate to that comment!

It seems that the father of five’s time alone with his kids has made him truly appreciate all the work that goes into staying home with five kids. “This message took me what seemed to be 6 weeks to write. As if I was chiseling it into stone for the civilizations after me. I feel all forms of communication will cease tomorrow when the eastern sun meets the horizon. God speed everyone... and God Bless STAY AT HOME MOMS!!!!” he concluded is post.

Veronica shared Kyle’s post on her own blog, noting that she had only been gone 24 hours when her husband wrote it.

Kyle’s post was so popular he now has his own “Dad Diaries” section on Veronica’s blog, but readers shouldn’t expect too much. “I’m not sure how entertaining it will be, or how often it’ll be updated. After all.... you see what the kids did to me within 48 hours,” he wrote.

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