Nurse Kicks Dad Out Of The Delivery Room Over 'Harmless' Comments

We get (and appreciate!) dad jokes. And we also understand that sometimes, a man can feel somewhat awkward and unneeded in the delivery room, and resort to trying to lighten the mood or make himself more noticeable (we don't condone this, of course, but we've all seen it happen). So many fathers are super supportive and there for their partners in the delivery room, and we love those dads! But this post isn't about those dads. This is about the other dads. The ones who joke in the delivery room, make snide or rude comments about their partner, and generally act like children. Maybe they're in it for the laughs, we don't know. But one dad went a little too far and actually got kicked out of the delivery room by a fed-up nurse! He took to Reddit to ask AITA (Am I the A@%hole?), and while reactions from fellow Redditors were mixed, we are firmly Team Nurse on this one.

Now, to start off, this new dad said his wife gave birth to their first child a few days earlier, and he made some "lighthearted" comments that his wife laughed at. But the nurse wasn't amused, and he goes on to describe her as a "joyless hag" and "demented old boiler". Mind you, this nurse just helped deliver his child, but we digress! Eventually, the nurse tired of his jokes and antics, and apparently kicked him out of the room (after the baby was born, while his wife was being tended to). This is what got him kicked out.

Image: Reddit

Okay, so ... oh boy. First, he makes a joke about the state of his wife's vagina after she's given birth. Then, he makes what he clearly thinks is a funny joke about the doctor putting in a few extra stitches after his wife tore during delivery. Like ... these aren't even funny jokes? And aside from that, they're incredibly insensitive and offensive. He says his wife laughed, but we're actually not sure she was laughing because she approved of his behavior. Sounds like maybe she was laughing to keep the situation from escalating and appease him. We also have a feeling that more transpired than what he shared on Reddit to result in him getting asked to leave the room.

But even on the basis of what he did share, we think the nurse was more than justified in her actions! It was clearly making others in the room uncomfortable. We feel a bit sorry for this guy's wife, to be honest. What say you, readers? Did this new dad cross a line? Or was the nurse out of line?

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