This Breakout Nail-Art Trend Is Perfect For Moms Who Love Sparkle

If you love a bit of sparkle but are still a kind of low-key mom who enjoys a clean and minimalistic manicure, there is a new nail-art trend that’s quickly becoming very popular that’s definitely for you! Over the last few years, we’ve definitely seen the nail-art trend take off. Nail artists have come up with a plethora of new and sometimes interesting ways for women to express themselves through their manicure, but sometimes the results aren’t always so practical.

While the Kardashians may love their uber long, coffin-shaped nails that always have a coat of fresh polish on them, that isn’t a look or length everyone loves. Which is why you’re going to love nail artist Betina Goldstein’s latest signature look that is about to become one of the must-have manicure looks of the season, according to Refinery 29.

Goldstein is a nail artist turned jewelry designer trusted by the fashion and celebrity industry for years. A quick look at her Instagram page shows a wide variety of the looks she’s created, ranging from classic solid polish manicures to stunning nail art manicures. One of her latest looks, cuticle striping, features a look that is almost like a reverse French manicure. Instead of painting the nail tip Goldstein has popularized painting the nail just above the cuticle line, and the results are simple yet so, so chic.

Cuticle striping features a well-manicured nail painted in a clear or very natural color, with the cuticle painted with a stripe of polish that can be any color, glitter or even art design. The wearer can opt for something basic and neutral, or choose something a bit more bright or sparkling.

"This design is great for when you want to use those bright neon colors or fun glitter polishes, but don't want to cover your entire nail — or even a large portion of it — with anything loud," Goldstein told Refinery 29. It also seems that it would be a massive time saver. Busy moms don't always have the time to wait for a full manicure to be applied or dry, but cuticle striping is a way to minimize drying time and still have fun and colorful nails!

Goldstein explained to Refinery 29 how to get this amazing and soon-to-be uber popular look yourself. "Start with a sheer coat of base polish to even out the nail bed," she explained. "Then dip a skinny brush in the color polish and wipe any excess by running the brush along the aluminum foil." She also states that you're painting the actual nail, not the cuticle and that you should start out with as skinny a line as possible because you can always make it thicker.

Goldstein isn't the only nail-artist to love the look of the cuticle stripe. A quick look on Instagram will show you many other nail artists who are embracing the cool and innovative trend. If you love a clean, well-manicured look but still love a bit of color or sparkle on your hand, cuticle striping may be exactly the look you need to try.

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