10 Cutest Christmas Pajamas For Toddlers

A great family tradition that many families love to do is to wear new Christmas-themed pajamas on Christmas Eve. From getting matching sets for the whole family or picking out individual pajamas for your kids this is something that you can look forward too as you have a cozy night in waiting for Santa with your little ones.

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And not only Christmas pajamas perfect for Christmas Eve, but also great when you are taking pictures of Christmas morning while opening gifts together as a family. So keep reading to discover the ten cutest Christmas pajamas for your toddler that they need to wear this holiday season.

10 Chibi Santa

One of the biggest trends in the last few years is Chibi’s designs. These designs are different since with Chibi they are smaller and cuter then whatever the real-life person or animal is. So this Christmas jump on this popular trend and buy pajamas with Chibi Santa on them from Macy’s.

These pajamas are perfect for your son since they are fleece and will keep him warm with having a Christmas theme to them too. So let your little one get all snuggle with some adorable Santa-themed pajamas.

9 The Perfect Christmas Nightgown

A classic pajama set that parents like to put their daughter in are nightgowns. And if you are looking for the perfect Christmas nightgown for your child then you need to shop at Old Navy. This nightgown features a Christmas print on them that showcase snowflakes, polar bears, “Bear Christmas”, and other patterns to repeat to make the whole nightgown.

This nightgown has long sleeves on it too so they can stay warm on Christmas Eve and all Chrismas Day! Get your little girl a Christmas nightgown that is going to be perfect for bed and pictures with this one from Old Navy.

8 Winter Themed PJs

When you are buying pajamas for a toddler you want to make sure to buy them something that they are going to love to wear to get the most use out of it before they outgrow it. A wonderful winter-themed pajamas are from Walmart, These cute pajamas feature snowman, candy canes, and snowflakes, which is perfect for wearing even after Christmas.

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So this year when you are looking for the perfect pajamas for your son, make sure that you are looking for something they are going to want to wear again and again.

7 Christmas Onesies

While your child is still young you are able to get away with having them wear pajamas onesies to bed. These type of pajamas are fanatics since they are warm and easy to put on. The onesie pajamas you are going to want to get your daughter this year are these winter-inspired ones from Macy’s.

The pajamas feature sweet little polar bears and penguins all over them making them perfect for Christmas morning photos while your family is opening gifts. Let your daughter wear some winter animals with these pajamas from Macy’s.

6 The Grinch That Stole Christmas

An iconic story that everyone knows about Christmas is Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! This is a wonderful book and film that teaches children about the true meaning of Christmas. With the new Grinch movie that was released in 2018, your kids are going to love these pajamas that feature him from Kohls.

These pajamas have the Grinch on them that says, “Grinch In Training.” Though you might not want your kids to act like the Grinch at the beginning of the story, they are going to look cute in pictures on Christmas day.

5 Oh Deer!

Girls love anything cute, and this is true when it comes to their Christmas pajamas as well. This “Oh Deer!” pajama set from Walmart is going to make your toddler smile when they see them. These pajamas feature a sweet little reindeer who has rosy cheeks, with ornaments on their antlers to celebrate Christmas.

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Above the reindeer is the saying on the shirt which is “Oh Deer!” which we know will make your little one laugh. Of the bottoms have the classic Christmas pattern on them, but also has a few reindeer on the bottom as well.

4 Winter Bears

Toddlers are known for loving animals and a perfect winter animals to have on your little one’s Christmas pajamas this year are bears. These bear pajamas from Target are not just adorable, but also comes in four pieces. This allows you to mix and match getting the most bang for your buck.

This also lets your child end up picking their final Christmas pajama within the set, making it even more special since they have a choice. Head out to your local Target so you can get an adorable mix and match set for your son this Christmas.

3 String Of Christmas Lights

There are a few items that always go on a Christmas tree such as ornaments, a star on top, and of course Christmas lights. This charming pajamas set from the GAP is festive and perfect for the holiday season.

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Now your little one can have a string of Christmas lights around them, just like the tree does. Not only is your daughter going to love this set to wear to bed, but she will love to look back at the photos you took of her in this pajamas too.

2 Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer

The most important animals on Christmas Eve are the reindeer that pole Santa's sleigh. With these boy pajamas from JCPenney your little one can wear the most famous reindeer of all, Rudolph the red nose reindeer. These pjs are perfect to wear for Christmas since they are festive and warm on the cold winter nights.

With Rudolph being on the shirt and bottom Santa is going to know that your son is excited about his visit. Get your son a pair of pajamas that he will be happy to see and get him this pair from JCPenney.

1 Rosy-Cheeked Santa

The elf that all children wait up for at night on Christmas Eve is Santa Claus. This charming Santa pajamas from Target is perfect for any little girl. These pajamas feature that jolly, old elf on the top, with his white beard, rosy cheeks, and polka-dotted Santa hat is a sweet token for how they are waiting for.

The bottoms are red with white polka-dots all around them, pulling in the Christmas theme. Allow your daughter to celebrate the one and only Santa Clause on Christmas Eve with these pajamas!

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