10 Cute Things Kids Do (Which Melt Our Hearts Every Time)

The cuteness of little ones is something that moms around the world cherish.We share photos of our cute kids and watch them grow and change, and celebrate their uniqueness and vibrant personalities. This cuteness is the reason we keep so many photos of them, and the reason why we manage to stay semi-sane, even while they are pulling pots and pans out of the cupboard.

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At times you want to get cross with them because of something they have said or done but then they unravel you with a heart-melting expression or gesture. Here are 10 cute things which our children do, which melt our hearts every time:

10 The folded-arm turnaround

This one is big, especially, with toddlers. The wee thing will fold their arms against their chest and turn slightly away. Usually this is accompanied by a pouting lip and a few sobs. It's what happens when a child doesn't get their way.

Standing there, looking so sweet and vulnerable with their cupid-bow lips pouting, our maternal instinct might tell us, "Come on mom, just give the kid what he/she wants". But don't give in mom! Part of life is learning they can't have their way every time.

9 The bop

toddler running

This is a move that delights all moms, especially first-time moms. It happens shortly after one's child has learned to stand and is a deliberate bending and straightening of knees (a 'bop', if you will) when mommy or someone special enters the room.

This is normally accompanied by squeals of delight. One's instinct as a mom is to sweep the little squealing darling into one's arms and say something like, 'Whose a clever baby now.'

8 The impulsive artist

One turns one's back for a moment and when one looks again, the spaghetti and meatballs meal is smeared on the tablecloth to make a 'flower', as the child explains. Everything's a mess but never was there more beautiful a flower.

Just in case mommy loses her cool, the clever child flashes a toothy grin and claps their hands. So instead of getting angry, mom ends up taking a photo of the flower with her mobile phone. Who is mommy's artist then?

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7 The squeal

This one touches a mom's heart in much the same way as when a whale calf calls its mommy whale, with a squeal across the ocean. Only in this instance, it is the baby sitting in their cot or pram or table chair, squealing in a very meaningful way for mom to hear.

It is as though we as moms are wired to respond to these squeals and to understand them, and their unique articulations. Usually, we pipe up, in response: "Mommy is here" and come running to our little one to attend to them.

6 The hand clap

This one usually works to get the child or baby something free, or to express delight (in such a beautiful way, we want to give them more of what they are clapping about). The child will take their clumsy, sweet little hands and clap them and even stamp their feet while clapping, all to show delight.

We will then respond by giving more, or... by taking more photos with our cell phones to show our colleagues or family members.

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5 The lipstick face

Little girls love to put on lipstick but don't always get it quite right. When they get hold of the lipstick (by sneaking their hands in mommy's bag), they will try to put it on neatly.

However, usually their face becomes a fresh canvas for lipstick doodles and by the time they are ready to show you in the 'grand reveal', they are covered with the stuff and you have to pry the lipstick away from them. It might be your best lipstick and you might feel a little cross, but it is so adorable, you feel your heart melt at the same time.

4 'I made it for you'

Ice cream soup with some tomato sauce mixed in or gooey coffee with nondescript ingredients might not wash down with most people.

However, moms sometimes taste and try things they wouldn't normally experiment with because their child, on giving them the hideous mixture, explains, with doe eyes and a cute little voice, 'Here Mommy, I made it just for you.' Here's to many more of these surprise gifts!

3 'But I like this outfit Mommy'

Your child comes out of the room, having dressed themselves and while they look silly (their long trousers are up to their knees), they look horribly cute at the same time. They seem mismatched and uncoordinated but you don't want to get cross with them at digging in the cupboard for old clothes, because something about their attire is endearing.

Instead, you give your special bundle of cuteness a hug, and remember to be 'coach Mommy', whisper under your breath, "It's very lovely dear, but you aren't going out of the house dressed like that."

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2 The concert wave

Watching your little one on stage is always a treat. They look around, look at their toes, point things out to their friend standing next to them - all in front of the audience. Still, nothing beats the 'concert wave'.

This is when they notice you in the audience and start to smile and wave. You feel like it's you there in the spotlight and like this is your grand moment. Such cuteness and responsiveness warm any mommy's heart.

1 The car roof grip

This usually happens when kids are small and they don't want to go somewhere. The whole action manages to be both frustrating and cute at the same time. Usually, you will open the door to put your child in the car seat and find this is not possible, because they are gripping the top of the car door entrance, by the car roof and refuse to let go.

You might have to pry their fingers from off the roof, but it's all very cute despite the ensuing tantrum and protests. They were made cute for a reason, so that your heart would know it's okay not to get too cross, this is just a little person learning how to be big.

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