10 Cute Ideas For Baby's First Birthday

Your baby’s first birthday is huge! This means that your little one is growing up right before your eyes and you and your little one should get a celebration. We know that your baby is not going to remember their first birthday party and that is it more for you and your partner, but you can still have a cute part to celebrate the occasion.

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With so many different themes to go with how do you even know how to decide? So keep reading to discover ten cute ideas that you should consider for your baby’s first birthday for its theme.

10 The Magical World Of Disney

Disney is a perfect theme for a first birthday for a little boy or girl. They have so many characters and programs that are aimed at kids, making any of their shows or characters great for a first birthday theme.

Disney is a perfect theme for a birthday since not only will your child enjoy it, but all of your guests will enjoy this theme as well. So pick a theme that you will love looking back at and throw your baby a Disney birthday.

9 Monkeys

Monkeys are a charming theme that you need to think about for your baby’s first birthday. Monkeys are a beloved animal that is typically associated with babies since many times they can act and seem like a little monkey. You can do so much for a monkey theme party by adding in a jungle theme and making sure that the monkeys have a proper environment to swing around in. Give your baby a theme that fits them and throw your little one a monkey birthday.

8 Hello Kitty

One of the most popular kitties in the world can make a wonderful theme for your baby’s first birthday. Hello Kitty is loved by everyone of all ages and all over the world. We know that this would be an adorable little idea for your child's first birthday.

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This is because Hello Kitty is known for all things cute and all things pink, both fantastic to use as inspiration for decorations for the party. Talk to your partner about having a Hello Kitty birthday for your little one.

7 Thomas The Tank Engine

What little boy doesn’t love Thomas the Tank Engine? Thomas and his train friends are a perfect theme for a first birthday party so you can capture what your little one loved at that age of their life. Thomas makes an adorable theme since he promotes friendship and happiness and is well-known so your guests won’t be trying to figure out who he is. Let your son have a birthday party that will make him smile when he sees it is about Thomas and all of his friends!

6 Ladybugs

A popular theme that has been going around for baby’s birthdays are ladybugs. Ladybugs are such a cute theme for a first birthday since you can easily make your own ladybug decorations if you are on a tight budget.

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For many people, ladybugs are the only insects that they like. Their colors and patterns make them beautiful to look at. In many parts of the world ladybugs are considered lucky and can bring your baby luck for the next year of their life. Start planning a ladybug party and we know people will be talking about it for weeks.

5 Dr. Seuss

We know that you're reading your baby books by the one and only Dr. Seuss. This is because he is known for all of his amazing picture books that little ones love with amazing rhymes and illustrations. There is no better choice for a baby’s first birthday than a Dr. Seuss party. For this party you can bring in his iconic characters like Sam I am and The Cat in the Hat to create a party that is right out of the books. With the new Netflix show, Green Eggs and Ham, based on the world of Dr. Seuss this is a perfect time to throw a Dr. Seuss themed party.

4 Unicorn

Every little girl loves unicorns. There is just something about these magical creatures that are made kids eyes widen as they hope they are real. You can give your daughter a unicorn themed party for their first birthday.

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Unicorn theme is perfect since you can use a pastel color theme that is going to look fantastic in photos and with a unicorn cake and plush toys you can set a magical theme wherever you are hosting your party. Pick a theme that will make everyone want to use it for their daughter and give your daughter a unicorn birthday party.

3 Circus

There seems to be something amazing about the circus. From all of the acts, animals, and entertainment that comes from it, there is no wonder why it has lasted for decades. There is no cuter theme for a child’s first birthday party. All of your guests are going to be amazed by this theme since you can do so much with it. You can create a center ring, have food that is typically found at the circus, and have plush animals of the creatures you would see there, too.

2 Under The Sea & Mermaid

Under the sea and mermaid themes are enchanting. An under the sea theme will allow you to create a party that is full of color and wonder. You can get cutout fish to paste along the walls to really create the feeling that you are underwater.

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The best underwater theme out there has to be mermaids since they are a perfect match with little kids. You can even dress your little one up as a mermaid for photos making an amazing keepsake.

1 Sesame Street

The most famous street in the world is Sesame Street. That is why you need to make sure to consider this for your baby’s 1st birthday party. A Sesame Street themed party is a cute idea since they have been entertaining children for generations so other kids and adults will love this theme. Let your child enjoy Sesame Street for their birthday and plan this theme for their upcoming birthday.

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