You Can Now Create Custom Slippers That Look Just Like Your Dog

Cuddle Clones

When you're a dog person, there's really no limit to the lengths you will go to in order to show your love and devotion to your furry babe. Here's where we need to clarify what we mean by dog person. If you have a dog, then you love that dog, yes? But some people are DOG PEOPLE. Like, their dogs are their worlds, or at least a huge part of it. Dog people don't just let their dogs sleep in their bed or sit on the couch - they will kick a human out of their dog's spot so that they can be more comfortable. Dog people plan vacations around their dog's schedule, and have play dates with their doggo's pals. They love their dogs, OK?

So when we saw these slippers, we immediately thought of the dog people we know, and how they would lose their minds over slippers that are exact replicas of their dogs. But you know what? These are amazing and even the less-intense dog lovers in your life need them.

Cuddle Clones makes custom plush slippers to look exactly like your dog (or cat!), and we have to say, it's actually a little creepy how much they look like they dogs they're supposed to look like! Each pair is handmade, and take approximately 8 weeks to arrive on your doorstep. Which makes sense, the craftsmanship is kind of bonkers on these things. It also makes sense that they cost $199. Steep? Yeah. Worth it for really dog people? Oh, you know it. But Cuddle Clones stands behind their work and has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back policy, so clearly these are going to be good doggo slippers.

If dog slippers aren't your thing, Cuddle Clones can also make a bunch of other stuff to look like your pet, like stuffed animals, Christmas stockings, figurines, ornaments, and even jewelry! There's definitely something to satisfy every dog lover, from the truly fanatical to the casual fan. We know Christmas just ended, but it's never too soon to think about the perfect gift for next Christmas (or save up your money to drop $200 on a pair of slippers).

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