These Ridiculously Cute Stuffed Animals Turn Into The Cutest Hoodies

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Sometimes parents come across something that is just so darn cute you can't help but buy it for your kids. Bonus points come when that darn cute item doesn't just keep your child warm and cozy, but also acts as a fun toy, too.

If you haven't heard of Cubcoats, you're seriously missing out. These adorable toys look like run of the mill stuffed animals that your child will love to hug and snuggle, but they're so much more. Yes, these stuffed animals actually turn in to a functional, wearable and totally adorable hoodie for your child.

According to their website, the Cubcoat was "was born of the desire to bring excitement into everyday items in an original and unexpected way." Mission accomplished. It's hard enough sometimes to get your little one to get their coat or hoodie on to get ready to leave the house, but a product like Cubcoat makes it seem like a product any child would be excited to wear.

Even better is that the products are "ethically sourced and carefully crafted." Cubcoats is also a partner of the Baby2Baby charities, which helps low income children under the age of 12. So every time you purchase from Cubcoats, it helps contribute toward charitable giving efforts.

The hoodies are made from cotton and polyester and the stuffed animals are made from fleece, so the product is sure to be snuggable for your little one. You can currently purchase the Cubcoat in four different animal varieties; Pimm the Puppy, Tomo the Tiger, Flynn the Fox and Kali the Kitty and the sizes range from US size 2 to 7.

The site's Instagram page does insist that there are other options of characters coming soon and has posted pictures of Cubcoats as panda bears, whales and teddy bears.


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Cubcoats aren't cheap, but they aren't totally expensive either. A Cubcoat will cost you $40 USD which is pretty reasonable considering you're not only getting your child a hoodie, but a loveable stuffed toy as well. Their website says the hoodies can be machine washed on cold and thrown in the dryer, which we all know is a must have for every parent.

There's even a 60 day return policy if you aren't completely satisfied with your order that includes a full refund option.

Getting kids dressed to go out can often be a battle, so products like this, that make getting dressed fun, are totally worth the investment.

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