10 Reasons Why You Should Never Fear A C-Section

A cesarean, otherwise known as a C-section, is an operation designed to help deliver a baby through a cut made on the person's abdomen and womb. The procedure is usually feared by a lot of people for a number of reasons. For instance, many people are afraid of operations in general, with the idea of being cut open extremely distressing. However, the main worry usually comes from the parent's concern for their baby.

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Sadly, this fear influences people with regards to choosing whether or not to undergo the procedure. In fact, many parents often refuse until a doctor has to override their decision. To help make things a little clearer and to also highlight why cesareans are not that scary, here are 10 reasons why you should never fear a C-section.

10 It's Easier (And That's Ok)

While it is true that having a c-section might come with its downfalls, it is in a sense much easier than vaginal births. For instance, vaginal births can take hours, even days. Whereas a c-section is a quick process and something that is usually done as fast as possible.

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Furthermore, surprisingly, the body doesn't undergo as much trauma as vaginal births and is also incredibly safe. For some reason, c-sections are often thought of as the "easy way" out but in most cases, it is the only optionally available. Plus, so what if it is easier? Childbirth is hard and people should be able to choose how and what to do with their own body.

9 It Is Necessary 

Let's face it, doctors know what they are doing, you might think you know what is best for your body and baby, and yes, you are probably correct the majority of the time. But when it comes to saving your life and the life of your child, doctors, nurses, surgeons and everyone else qualified in the medical field most certainly know more than you, so it is a good idea to listen to them.

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C-sections are designed to save lives and get your baby out as quick as possible. C- sections are in place so that both parties involved can be safe. Yes, c-sections are 100% necessary.

8 It's Quick

Vaginal births can often take a long time, in some cases days. However, one of the benefits of having a c-section is the time that it takes to get it done. Yes, c-sections often take a mere few minutes, with doctors and surgeons trained to deliver the baby as quickly and safely as possible. That's right, most patients claim that the before and after part is the longest, from getting the patients ready for the surgery to helping them recover at the end. Furthermore, patients are usually awake through the whole thing and are often surprised at just how quick the whole thing can be.

7 It Can Be Less Traumatic 

It is no secret that the act of giving birth is painful. However, although it might be incredibly difficult, there is still nothing quite like it. Yes, childbirth really is a miracle not to mention incredible. While childbirth might be a wonderful process, it can also be somewhat traumatic, which is also perfectly normal. Whether it be a vaginal birth or a c-section, the whole delivering a baby from your body can be terrifying. Nevertheless, some people often claim that a c-section is actually less traumatic on the body, mostly due to the speed of the delivery.

6 It Comes With Fewer Issues Down Below 

Vaginal birth can be a wonderful experience but it can also come with a few setbacks, especially down below. For instance, some people can undergo rips and tears which can often take a while to heal. Although this is completely normal it can still be rather irritating. Furthermore, it is common for women to undergo pain in and around the area before and after the birth, again this perfectly normal but it is something that most would rather skip altogether. However, although a c-section can be just as scary, it is often less traumatic in the nether regions. Yes, you may experience some discomfort but rips, tears, vaginal pain, and other issues are usually non-existent.

5 It Comes With No Bladder Issues

While there might be pros and cons to both ways of giving birth, some of the pros often outweigh the cons when it comes to having a c-section. For instance, one of the most annoying side effects of vaginal births is the eventual bladder issue.

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Yes, many women suffer from urinary incontinence once they have delivered vaginally, something that can be incredibly irritating. That's right, due to pressure on the pelvis, it can make people more prone to leaking urine when they sneeze, cough or even laugh. However, if you have a c-section, this is unlikely to happen.

4 It Can Prevent Asphyxia 

C-sections are often put into place to aid patients when it is necessary to deliver the baby promptly and securely. One of the biggest reasons that c-sections are performed is when the baby is in distress or at risk. For instance, a c-section can help reduce the risk of asphyxia, a condition that arises when a person is deprived of oxygen. Unfortunately, this can happen to unborn babies during labor. Therefore, it is important to deliver the baby as fast as possible. Thankfully, the world now has c-sections which enables surgeons and doctors to remove the baby as quickly as possible.

3 It Comes With A Cool Scar

For some reason, a c-section scar often gets a bad reputation. However, nothing could be further from the truth. That's right, not only is the scar small, it is also incredibly cool. Yes, scars are exceptionally cool and should be celebrated rather than hidden away. Instead, why not look at it as a positive reminder of what you went through to receive your wonderful bundle of joy. Plus, it can also act as a symbol of what your body can undergo. And, if you do want to hide it, (which is also perfectly ok) the scar is so small that it can be hidden by underwear, clothes and even a thick tan.

2 It Isn't That Bad

Let's be honest, nobody really likes going under the knife, so why should a c-section be any different. Yes, surgery, whatever it might be, can be scary, so it is natural to feel apprehensive. The mind often makes things ten times worse than they actually are, especially when it involves you and another little person.

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However, c-sections are completely safe, clean, quick, and often much easier than vaginal births. Furthermore, it is likely that you won't feel a thing while it's all happening, and you'll be surrounded by people who have your best interest at heart. Seriously, it isn't that bad.

1 It Still "Counts"

One of the biggest misconceptions about c-sections is the idea that it is not a real birth or that it doesn't count. Firstly, this idea is ridiculous and should be completely ignored. Of course it counts, you have brought a person into this world and it doesn't matter how. Secondly, in most cases, c-sections are 100% necessary and should not be taken lightly. Finally, although c-sections can be just as traumatic and scary as vaginal births they are also just as magical. Yes, giving birth to your baby is still a wonderful and joyous experience, no matter how you do it. Don't let anybody ever take that away from you.

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