Crying Chaos: 20 Ridiculous Reasons Baby Is Crying

Moms have heard of the stories, laughed at the stories, and now they get to live them. 

Babies and toddlers are interesting little humans. They have curious, innocent minds that are constantly buzzing and jumping from one thought to the next. Every moment of their day is a learning experience and, sometimes, those learning experiences just don't make sense in their mind.

Cue the tears.

When they don't understand what's happening or why they didn't get their way - the waterworks show begins. Even though new moms can't stand to see their little one cry, when their baby hits a certain age, moms stop coddling and racing to their baby's side every time a tear falls down their cheek. Why? Well, because sometimes the reason behind that intense moment of tears is due to something a little bit ridiculous.

Of course, the little one doesn't see the situation as being ridiculous. If they don't knock that pillow off the couch, the day is ruined. If they can't throw their bottle on the ground, it might as well be the end of the world. 

And, to these little ones, it certainly feels like it.

20 "We Sang Happy Birthday To Her."


"It was my daughter Skylar's first birthday and we had friends and family over and we all started to sing Happy Birthday," explains mom of three, Jessica Farris. "About halfway through the song, she started to cry hysterically."

Sometimes, little ones just aren't as excited about their birthday as everyone else is. In truth, it can be a bit intimidating when everyone in the room is staring and singing in your direction - so a breakdown almost seems rational when you think about it. Even though tears tend to bring down the atmosphere, it does make for a great story later on.

19 "She Acts Like I'm Starving Her."


Newborns and infants don't always realize why they're upset or what the heck is going on around them. Being they are so new to this chaotic, crazy world, it may seem a little confusing and scary to them. However, when it comes to feeding, babies usually understand how it works.

So when they unlatch or let go of the bottle and they aren't getting the milk or formula that they were before, that seems reason enough to have a meltdown. Right?

"A ridiculous reason she [my daughter] cries is when she unlatches while breastfeeding," explains Mallory Widrick, mama of one. "She acts like I'm starving her so I kindly remind her she was the one that let go."

18 "I Told Him He Couldn't Poke The Dog With A Fork."


"Don't fork the dog is a common statement in our house," explains Lacey Deiter, mom of one. "I told him he couldn't poke the dog with a fork. He thinks that when he has a fork he needs to poke the dog with it."

Well, if you wanted to poke something with a fork and it was taken away from you, you'd be upset too - wouldn't you?

Even though, as adults, we understand the reasoning behind this rule, babies and toddlers do not yet. It takes time for little ones to grasp onto safety concepts and as they learn, they continue to experiment. Therefore, they may try to poke the dog with their fork in the meantime.

17 "When Daddy Tries To Wipe Her Nose."


Blowing your nose, wiping your nose, and sneezing are not always fun - especially when you're a toddler. When you're little, you tend to run around with boogers on your face or a plugged up nose without a care. When it comes time to fixing these kinds of issues, tears may occur - making the situation an even snottier one.

"My emotional little girl will cry at the drop of a hat," says Amber Bowman, mom of three. "'No, Mommy do it [is what she says] when Daddy tries to wipe her nose." Well, when you're getting attacked by tissues in the middle of roll-in-the-socks or knock-all-the-pillows-off-the-couch time, it makes sense to melt down.

16 "I Wouldn't Let Her Play With The Plunger."


"It was a normal, quiet morning - and then she appeared with a plunger," explains mom of two, Renee Saraceni. "I took it. She cried. So I naturally took a picture. She cried it out and eventually moved on."

And it's true. Eventually, they do move on. Redirection is key and little ones get distracted quickly - which is probably why the plunger situation happened in the first place. However, after a few minutes of loud, vicious tears, something else grabs their attention and that becomes their number one priority (leaving the plunger to be old news).

15 "The Hot Dogs For Dinner Had To Cook Still."

Reasons My Son Is Crying

When a baby or toddler wants something, they want it now. Patience isn't always the strongest trait for little ones and if they're hungry, you better hurry up before the world comes crashing down around you.

"[He was crying because] the hot dogs for dinner had to cook still," states Lacey Deiter. "He was really excited to eat hot dogs for dinner and was shocked that I had to cook them." Moments like these are terrific times to try creating a learning experience. However, sometimes that learning experience is too much to handle when there's a "hangry" child involved.

14 "She Is Crying Two Feet Away From A Toy She Wants."


"One of my favorite things she does is when she is crying two feet away from a toy she wants and just lays there saying, 'no, Mommy, you get it,'" explains Amber Bowman.

Even though toddlers have all the energy in the world, sometimes they just can't get themselves to move those extra two feet. For some reason, parents do it best - even when that means handing over a toy that is literally at the little one's fingertips. Sometimes the toddler is doing this out of spite while, other times, they are simply being lazy. Whatever the reason might be, once the word "no" is brought into the picture - cue the waterworks.

13 "I Poured Milk In My Cereal."

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When a little one wants attention, oh boy - you better give them that attention. When they don't get it, their life starts melting around them - and they meltdown right along with it. Busy parents are multitaskers. This means they can't focus on their little ones 100% of the time. This also means they usually are making food for themselves while doing something else. If the food is being made when a toddler wants to play or talk or just be stared at - watch out.

"I was hungry, so I poured myself some cereal," explains Renee Saraceni. "Cue tears. How dare I pour milk in my own cereal?" It seems like moms just aren't allowed to eat... or clean or relax or breathe, these days, unless they are doing it while staring at their little one.

12 "The Microwave Ate Her Dinner."


"[She cried because] the microwave ate her dinner," says mom of one, Amy Amell. When a little one sees their precious meal going into a teeny, tiny little room and then a door closes it away from view, they may think they will never see that precious meal again. The moment that door closes, panic erupts.

Explaining the technology to little ones is hard - especially during a meltdown. When it comes to food, children don't always care about anything else. Food comes first - that is a truth newborns know from the get-go. So when the microwave gobbles up that beloved meal, it makes sense in the brain of a toddler to fall to the floor in mourning.

11 "I Told Him He Could Wear His Favorite Books." (Yes, Books)

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Bringing books and creativity into your little one's world at an early age is essential. It's terrific when a child shows an interest for reading and expressing their imagination when they are young. However, sometimes that passion can be brought to a whole new level.

Sometimes, a toddler would rather wear books than read them.

"Books should be boots. I told him he could wear his favorite books," says Lacey Deiter. "He loves them and was mad when I told him he could wear them. He never took them off his feet after I put them on."

10 "I Opened A Banana."


"She wanted a banana. I opened said banana. She cried," states Renee Saraceni. I don't think parents expect their little one to cry when they do what their little one had hoped they would. Well, when it comes to the wild whirlwind of emotions a baby and toddler experience, surprises lurk around every corner.

These surprises even lurk inside a banana peel.

While new moms experience a rush of emotions, so do their little ones. They are learning and growing in a brand new environment, so their thoughts are adjusting to their surroundings. They are also growing into their new personalities. If they are overly emotional (or hungry), something like a banana could bring on the tears.

9 "Her Boot Fell Off In The Car."

Today's Parent

"Keeley's boot fell off in the car," says mom of two, Jessica Sugg, regarding why her daughter was crying. Sometimes when a boot falls off, the world falls down around you. Well, if you're a toddler this may actually be the case. Even if you are kicking that boot off on purpose, when you watch it tumble off your foot and hit the ground - watch out and wait for it. The screams and cries can be deafening.

Parents don't always understand why this can cause such a ruckus for a little one. Perhaps their toes are cold. Maybe that was their favorite boot. Maybe they don't like how uneven their outfit is (hey, it's a possibility). Most likely, though, they want the attention of the parent driving the vehicle - so kicking off a boot and having a meltdown may seem like a legitimate way to get that attention.

8 "The Train Passed Us And Didn't Stop."


"We stopped across the road from a train crossing. The train passed us and didn't stop," explains mom, Lacey Deiter. "We watched a train one morning for a minute and when it didn't stop, he started crying and screaming, 'train stop.'"

Witnessing a train can either be an exhilarating experience or cause for a catastrophe. In this case, the catastrophe occurred. Whether it was the noise or the length of time that train was moving, Lacey's son had had enough. From the eyes of a mom, however, this seems like a legitimate reason to laugh at the reason behind the tears.

Why? Because for once mom has no control over what is going on (in this case, the train).

7 "He Was Hungry For Olives And I Hadn't Packed Any."


When a child is hungry - oh boy, are they hungry. Like a hormonal or pregnant mama, those cravings are just as real for little ones. Sometimes those cravings can be even more chaotic than moms. That may be hard to believe, but if you have a toddler or young child, you may fully understand what this mom experienced.

"My three-year-old son started crying in the middle of a road trip because he was hungry for olives," explains mom of one, Jolene Bennett. "I hadn't packed any for snack."

When you're hungry, you're hungry. If olives are on your mind and there aren't any nearby - yes, the world is over.

6 "I Gave Him A Popsicle."


"I gave him a popsicle, but he didn't want it because it was cold and he threw it," says Morgan Coggins, mom of one. "Then he wanted it so I gave it back to him and he got mad and threw it again. So, I took it and then he wanted it back and I gave it to him - and he was fine."

Parents - you know this game. Toddlers are at the age of control. They want control over every single situation. They may think they want something and seconds later they do not.  Since you are giving them something they suddenly don't want, they need to control that situation. They do this by throwing a tantrum, getting upset, or talking back - even when, in the end, that is something they want.

Does this make sense? No. Do toddlers make sense? Absolutely not.

5 "She Bit Me In The Leg."

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Biting is tough. All moms fear this "phase" and if their little one begins the trend, they stress about how they will handle it. However, when the biting is aimed at a parent and the bite does, in fact, hurt, the parent may not react silently. Sometimes that reaction can be just what the little one needs to learn that their action wasn't the best.

Or, sometimes, the reaction is enough to send the little one into meltdown mode.

"She bit me in the led and I squealed and yelled in pain," explains Breanna Yung, mom of one. "She cried for a solid minute afterward."

4 "I Wouldn't Eat A Nerf Dart."

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"He was crying because I wouldn't let him eat a Nerf dart," says mom of one, Chelsea Swan. Well, that's more than enough reason to completely break down in tears - right? In the mind of a child, anything goes. If a parent won't eat a nerf dart when they want them to - the world is ending.

Moving through this kind of a situation can be tough, especially when there's a stubborn toddler in the picture. Finding a way to redirect them is usually the safest first step. If redirection works successfully, then you can sit back and quietly laugh at the situation.

3 "The Other Adult Is Chopped Liver."


Sometimes, children play favorites. The idea of 'favorites' is often looked down upon, but as a toddler, you truly don't know better. A child may have a favorite parent for certain situations. Maybe when they want something specific for dinner, they go to mom. Maybe when they want to get a treat at the store, they go to dad.

However, when they don't get what they want from that specific parent - chaos may ensue.

"Wesley is weird in the morning," says Lacey Deiter. "Whoever gets him out of bed in the morning is who he wants. The other adult is chopped liver."

2 "I Gave Him Cake On His First Birthday."

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"I gave him cake on his first birthday and Adam and I sang Happy Birthday," explains mom of one, Michelle Eisele. "We gave him the cake, he touched it, and then had an instant meltdown."

Birthday breakdowns are popular. Perhaps it is because everyone is focused on that child and the child is not used to that kind of attention. Perhaps they aren't used to sweets and the taste of cake either consumes them or scares them. Sometimes the texture of cake just isn't what they wanted at that time. Whatever it may be, it makes for some good photographs and stories later on in life.

1 "I Put On Kids Songs."


Kids music is interesting. While some parents strictly stick to kid-friendly tunes, others can't stand any of it. However, once a child shows an interest in something, it doesn't matter what the parent says - they will want what they want. Whether it be kids song, pop, or classic jazz - children have unique personalities, leading them to have uniques likes and dislikes.

"We primarily listen to country music in the car," says Lacey Deiter. "One morning I put on kids songs. He scowled at me and then cried until I switched it back."

References: Statements from “real-life” moms who gave consent to use direct quotes (via Momhood Mayhem on FB and the.write.mama on IG,

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