10 Creative Ways To Disguise Food That Your Kid Won't Eat

When your kid decides to stop eating, it can be annoying, not to mention frustrating, irritating, worrying, and several other negative adjectives you can think of. There are many reasons why your children won't eat, why they will suddenly refuse dinner, or why they have suddenly decided that vegetables aren't their favorite food anymore. Yes, unfortunately, picky eaters are just part of the whole experience and something that you will just have to deal with.

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Don't worry: most of the time, the problem is small, and requires just a little bit of imagination and stealthy inventive work to fix it. Here are 10 creative ways to disguise food that your kid won't eat.

10 Grated Carrots

Sometimes, all it takes is to change the appearance of the food in question and make it look a little different. For instance, why not try grating vegetables instead of slicing them? Or cutting them into different pieces?. Also, you could try pretending that they are a different kind of vegetable and they are special because they are cut or grated in an unusual way.

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Yes, disguising vegetables in your children's food can be a good way to get them to eat vegetables and fruit that they wouldn't otherwise eat. Try pureeing vegetables and putting them into pasta sauces or soups. They will have no idea.

9 Food Coloring 

Why not jazz up your mash potato with a colorful food dye to make it more interesting as well as appetizing? Why not try adding different colors to pasta, creating crazy and colorful food such as rainbow spaghetti?

And, if you are worried about artificial food colorings, don't. According to Healthline, The Food & Drug Administration has approved all artificial food colorings and says they are safe, meaning that they are fine to use when wanting to add a little color to our mealtimes.

8 Ketchup

Believe it or not, ketchup is actually quite healthy and a good way to get kids to eat up their veggies. That's right, over the years, parents have been told that Ketchup is too high in sugar and salt and that it is extremely bad for children.

However, according to The Telegraph, recently, healthier ketchup is now available and now comes with a lot less sugar and salt. The best thing about ketchup is that it persuades children to eat their vegetables since it hides their taste. Plus, ketchup is a vibrant red, and children love nothing more than mixing bright colors on their plate and making a mess.

7 Sneak Broccoli Into Scrambled Egg

Most kids enjoy a little scrambled egg in the morning, especially when done to perfection. So, why not try to sneak a few extra vegetables into their scrambled egg without them noticing. Vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and cauliflower are great additions to an already scrumptious meal, and they can also be easily hidden.

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Plus, if you're feeling extra stealthy, why not try sneaking some mushrooms or red peppers in there, too? However, make sure you don't go too crazy, as it could end up more like an omelet rather than scrambled egg and your mission will be immediately blown.

6  Zucchini Fries

Fries are a good way to trick your kids into eating healthy food, mostly because they assume that they eating fries and nothing else. Children love french fries, so why not disguise their regular bag of fries with some veggie ones instead?

For instance, instead of serving potato-based fries, use zucchini instead. All you need to do is slice up some Zucchini, cover them with a light coating of bread crumbs, stick them in the oven for 20 minutes and serve. Zucchini fries make the perfect finger food and your kids will have no idea they are eating a somewhat healthy snack that also involves vegetables.

5 Red Beet Pancakes

Kids are drawn to bright colors, therefore, it's important to mix bright colors with food as it will help your picky eaters try new foods and eat more food in general. Red beet pancakes are a great way to encourage kids to eat healthy food without them actually knowing that beets are in those delicious pancakes.

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First of all, don't tell your kids that the pancakes are made out of beets, as they will immediately turn up their nose and assume that the pancakes will taste bad. Instead, let them assume it is probably red velvet, also add some Greek yogurt on the side. This will add some additional flavor to the pancakes.

4 Sweet Potato Puree Cookie Mix

Cookies are probably one of the best foods in the whole wide world, however, they are also extremely unhealthy. Instead, why not try something a little bit different? For instance, sweet potato cookies are a great alternative to too much chocolate and sugar, and even better, they taste just as good. Who would have thought?!

Yes, sweet potato cookies are extremely soft and are almost like a cake mashed with a cookie. Even better! Plus, you can also add some dried cranberries or chopped pecans to the final mix, as well as cinnamon or pumpkin chips.

3 Cauliflower Pizza Dough

These days, grain-free diets are extremely popular. But what about pizza? Yes, pizza really is one of the best foods in the world, and it can be difficult to attempt to give that up.

Plus, pizza is an easy meal to make for your kids, who also just so happen to love it. However, why not replace the dough with a vegan cauliflower pizza crust instead? Not only is this much healthier for your children but it also actually tastes amazing. Who knew pizza and cauliflower would go together well?

2 Veggie Popsicles

Popsicles are a great way to sneak hidden fruits and vegetables into your children's stomachs, with your kids completely oblivious. No child will ever say no to a popsicle, even if it is loaded with blended vegetables or fruit. In fact, they will never even know, as they will automatically think that they're eating a dessert.

All you need to do is blend some fruit with some fruit juice, or some vegetables with some veggie juice, and freeze until frozen. Frozen popsicles are also great because they are cheap and exceptionally easy to make.

1 Eat Healthy Food In Front Of Them

The most important thing to remember is that kids learn to eat through their parents and usually imitate the same things. If you openly announce that you don't like something, or turn your nose up at a particular vegetable, it's likely that your kid will copy you and decide that they don't like it either.

The best way to encourage your kids to eat healthy things is to let them see you eating healthy things too. It's important that they see you enjoying it, so make sure you make the right noises and show them that what you are eating is nice, healthy and more importantly, tasty.

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