Crayola Launches Makeup Collection, And Your Inner Child Will Scream

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If you've ever longed for the days when you would open a fresh pack of Crayola crayons and marvel at its perfection, or even gotten nostalgic when back to school shopping as you load pack after pack of crayons in to your cart, you're going to love this new Crayola Beauty line.

Exclusive to ASOS, Crayola Beauty is letting you relive the glory days of your youth by offering a 58 piece collection that are made cruelty free and vegan.

Among the collection that will instantly transport you back to your youth are color changing lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, highlighters, mascaras, face crayons that can be used on eyes, face and lips and a set of makeup brushes.

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Not only does the Crayola Beauty line offer a wide variety of products and colors for every skin tone and type with 24 different shades of stick foundation, but it's packaging is super classic and will make anyone flashback to their own school days when they look at the face crayons packaged in Crayola's signature yellow box.

Their makeup brush collection, which retails for $40 USD even comes in its own pencil case. Affordable and adorable!

Credit: ASOS


Since Crayola has given us every color of the rainbow in crayons, colored pencils and markers, it's no surprise they are offering their exclusive beauty line in 95 vibrant shades. This is definitely a beauty line that encourages you to be as creative as you possibly can be, just like their crayons did when you were young.

This isn't the first time Crayola has ventured in to the beauty market. The company previously had two different collaborations with Sally Hansen where they produced themed nail polish. The first collection focused on classic colors while the second collection highlighted spring pastels.

They've also partnered in the past with Clinique to offer a limited edition chubby stick. This new exclusive line with ASOS is the first time they've offered a full line of beauty products and accessories, and people simply can't get enough.

The products are now available for purchase from ASOS and range in price from $14.40USD for lip, cheek or face crayons, $29.00 for a trio of crayons to $17.50 for a highlighter to $29.00 for an eyeshadow palette.

While many of the colors in the advertising campaign are quite shocking, the full range of shades offered are sure to appeal to everyone. Perhaps it's time to start your back to school shopping a bit early?

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