Coupon Moms: 20 Ways To Get The Biggest Bang For Her Buck


Coupon moms are committed to getting the biggest bang for their buck using coupons to save a fortune on products for their families. These smart and savvy women know that tons of coupons of different types are out there. They know how to find the coupons, how to organize the coupons and how to use them to get big value every time that they shop online or offline. Some of these moms even venture into extreme couponing.

Any mom who wants to try couponing for the very first time will enjoy knowing the 20 ways to get the biggest bang for your buck. It's filled with practical couponing tips from some impressive "coupon queens". These coupon experts know everything about how to use digital or printed coupons to score amazing deals on a host of items for their families, from necessities to luxuries.

While moms who read this list may not be ready to dive headfirst into the extreme couponing lifestyle, they may want to dabble with coupons and then track their results. This is how most of the world's most successful extreme couponing moms got started. They noticed significant savings and realized that embracing extreme couponing would change their financial lives for the better.

Moms may use as few or many coupons as they wish. There is a never-ending supply of money-saving coupons out there. The only limitation is a Mom's motivation.

20 Make Coupons Work With Your Lifestyle


To use coupons the smart way, you need to first decide what you need. Analyze what you routinely buy and then look for coupons that fit your purchasing habits.

When you make coupons work with your lifestyle, you'll be less likely to get ab into the downside of coupons, which consists of buying stuff that you don't really want or need, just because you have a coupon for it.

According to the coupon experts at Thriftynomads.com, figuring out what you need and then hunting for coupons for specific items is the best way to get started.  This sensible approach will lead to the smartest savings. You'll be using coupons for things that you planned to buy anyway.

19 Do Targeted Google Searches For Coupons


Once you know what you want, such as a new laptop or laundry soap, or anything else under the sun, move forward by searching for coupons on your preferred item.

Perform targeted Google searches to look for coupons, which are generally pretty easy to find.

For example, if you want a new laptop, and you know the brand that you'd like to purchase, do a Google search for the brand name, plus the keywords, "digital coupons". See if anything pops up. If it doesn't, expand your search by leaving out the brand name.

When you're ready to go out to a real store, you should print your coupons out at home, unless they are for online shopping, according to Kare11.com.

18 Draft Your Shopping List With Available Coupons In Mind


If you've started collecting coupons, you should sit down and put together a shopping list that takes your coupons into account. For example, if you have coupons which offer you a great deal on frozen veggies, put together a meal plan for the week which includes recipes that call for frozen veggies.

Make your coupons work with other items that you need... and with your lifestyle. Then, you won't end up with bags of frozen veggies and no real plan for using them.

This is just an example - sit down, brainstorm and create a sensible list that incorporates great coupons. To make things easier, grab a shopping list template for coupon fans at Freeprintablegrocerylist.com.

17 Use Coupons To Stock Up On Basics


We all need a lot of the basics, such as laundry soap, baby care items and garbage bags. If you're interested in trying couponing, you'll find that using coupons to stock up on basics is a great way to save money, while also accessing items that you really need.

They may not be the most glamorous items, but they will come in handy.

According to Thekitchn.com, it's often smart to stock up in order to secure the biggest savings, but you should refrain from buying more than half a year's worth of products in bulk because you'll need too much room to store them.

16 Check Out Couponing Websites


A quick and simple way to find coupons online is to visit couponing websites. They are places where coupon queens congregate to source out amazing deals. According to Ebizmba.com, popular options include RetailMeNot, Coupons, Groupon, ShopAtHome, LivingSocial, Zulily and Woot.

A lightning-fast Google search for "coupon websites" will provide you with tons of options. Ebates doesn't offer coupons, but it good for saving money. It's a different way of shopping and getting money back.

With so many coupon websites to choose from, it'll be very easy to get going with couponing, whether you want to do it once in a while or make it a lifestyle.

15 Give Cashback Websites A Try


We just mentioned Ebates.com. It's the type of website that offers consumers cash back when they make purchases. Ebates is the biggest game in town, but it's not the only game in town. According to Gobankingrates.com, you should also check out Upromise, BeFrugal, Coupon Cabin, Coupon Cactus and TopCashback.

Be sure to read up on terms and conditions carefully before using these sorts of online platforms. Make sure that you understand exactly how they work. Once you try cashback websites, you may wonder why you waited so long to get money back while shopping. The best of these platforms do offer great advantages.

14 Use Rebate Apps


Apps are an ultra-modern way to get into the couponing lifestyle. There are awesome apps out there that you may put on your smartphone. They'll help you to take advantage of big savings. According to Thebalance.com,

Ibotta is perfect for groceries, SnipSnap is ideal for turning paper coupons into digital coupons and Groupon is the gold standard for finding great deals on dining out. CouponSherpa is a fine choice for printable-style coupons.

Experiment with these handy apps to streamline your coupon collection and usage, and to find exceptional deals. Overall, Ibotta gets rave reviews, so you may want to start there and then branch out.

13 Experiment With Store Apps


Store apps are another practical option. Think about which stores you go to a lot, check out their apps and see if they offer rewards points programs, special promotions, and other perks. If they do, keep them on your smartphone and use them to source out savings.

According to Lifehacker.com, Walmart's store app features a "savings catcher" that helps savvy shoppers to get more bang for their buck. This is one example of so many. If you go to a store regularly, use its app to maximize your savings. You'll find that it opens up so many great deals.

12 Clip Coupons From Product Packaging


Lots of product packaging is printed with coupons, according to Thebalanceeveryday.com. To take advantage of the savings from these coupons, cut the coupons out from products you use regularly and then profit from them.

You might want to cut the coupons out after you've used all of the product, but some coupon queens cut them out before they've used up the products, because coupons do have expiration dates, and some products take a while to use up completely.

Cereal boxes, boxes for contact lens solution and granola bar boxes are just a few examples of boxes that frequently feature coupons. Once you cut them out, file them with your other coupons.

11 Sign Up For Loyalty Programs At Online Retailers


Digital coupons and coupons cut from print publications aren't the only ways to save money. You may also save cash by signing up for loyalty programs at online retailers...and then reaping the rewards!

Online retailers provide exceptional perks to those who do sign up for their loyalty programs. Signing up will take just a few minutes and it will put you in line for great savings.

For the best results, sign up at online retailers that you've patronized in the past, as you'll be more likely to get value from special promotions on the things that those retailers offer.

According to Rubygarage.org, most loyalty programs offer different tiers of perks, depending on how much clients spend.

10 Start By Using Just A Few Coupons Per Week


Once you start learning about extreme couponing, you may want to try it, but you should start small and then scale up. Starting small is the best way to create a practical system that pays off.

One clever mom who lives in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, saves around forty percent off her grocery store bills by using coupons, according to Thetelegram.com. She's a seasoned expert, not a total newbie.

To get comfortable with couponing, start by using two or three coupons per shopping trip. If you find that handing over coupons to a grocery clerk is easy for you (some people get embarrassed), you may have the right stuff to evolve into a coupon queen.

9 Clip Newspaper Coupons


Old-fashioned methods are still good methods. One old-fashioned method is buying newspapers and clipping coupons. If you don't get a newspaper delivered to your home, consider arranging for that service. Some moms go out and buy a few copies of Sunday newspapers and then clip out all of the coupons, so they can have three coupons for each item, rather than just one.

Newspapers tend to offer some wonderful coupons. Don't assume that finding coupons online is your only option.

According to Thekrazycouponlady.com, the "freestanding inserts" in Sunday newspapers are a total gold mine. They are loaded with awesome coupons. So, grab a cup of coffee and then sit down with your Sunday paper.

8 Try Out In-Store Coupons


Some moms prefer to use digital coupons while online shopping. Others love using coupons in-store. Most extreme couponers wait to use in-store coupons until the items that the coupons are for go on sale, according to Moneysense.ca.

Then, they take in their coupons and pay (sometimes, anyway) pennies for items, because the combination of the sale price and the coupon leads to exceptional savings. This is the basic formula for grabbing massive savings from extreme couponing.

So, don't rule out in-store coupons. Savings from combining in-store sales with in-store coupons actually allow some extreme coupon queens (and kings, of course) to get items for free.

7 Keep Coupons Organized In One Part Of Your Handbag


One thing you should be aware of is that getting into the couponing lifestyle is going to eat up a bit (and maybe a lot) of your time.

You're going to need to put in some "sweat equity" to grab bag savings, from sourcing out coupons to organizing them to figuring out shopping lists for stores that honor your coupons. To streamline the process, keep coupons organized in one part of your handbag.

Getting into this type of system will make your life easier. According to Home-storage-solutions-101.com, buying a wallet that's just for coupons and keeping it in your purse is one easy way to access coupons when you need them the most.

6 Put Aside An Hour Per Week For Finding Coupons


Extreme coupon queens spend way more than one hour per week finding, sorting and using coupons. But you're not in the extreme category yet. To get into couponing, with a mind to saving money on household items and other items, set aside one hour per week. Use the time to cut coupons or file newspaper inserts, or search for digital coupons and print them out (or use them for online shopping).

When you put together an organized schedule, it's simpler to get good results. According to Thekrazycouponlady.com, seasoned coupon queens often spend one night per week on coupon-related tasks, so you may want to build up to that eventually.

5 Store Coupons In A Binder


Thekrazycouponlady.com recommends putting together a coupon binder. If you're serious about getting into couponing, you will definitely need this type of organizational system.

Most coupon queens prefer three-inch binders with covers that zip up. They fill the binders with clear plastic pages that are designed to hold baseball cards. They then put the coupons in the slots for the baseball cards. Coupons are categorized by type to make using them easier.

Once you have a binder, it'll be easier to see all of your coupons, get rid of expired coupons and take your coupons with you when you go shopping.

4 Phone Ahead To Check Store's Stock Of Coupon Items


Once you have your binder and you're ready to take your book of coupons with you when you shop or transfer your coupons to your handbag, you will be raring to go.

One smart tip is to call a store before you head out, just to make sure that the items that you have coupons for are actually in stock, as per Thriftynomads.com.

It's always possible that certain items are sold out, and you'll be crestfallen if you arrive and nothing that you want is there. Get in the habit of phoning in first to eliminate the risk of disappointment.

3 Check Women’s Magazines For Practical Coupons


Websites and newspapers are great places to find coupons, as are women's magazines, according to Thebalanceeveryday.com. It's true that the print publication industry isn't as strong as it once was because so many people get their news and entertainment online.

The most popular women's magazines are still going strong in print and they typically offer a lot of wonderful coupons.

The cost of getting subscriptions to these types of magazines, such as Good Housekeeping and Redbook, may be well worth it in the long run, as you'll access up-to-date coupons when your magazines arrive each month. Plus, you'll access good articles!

2 Check Junk Mail For Good Coupons


Junk mail is often a treasure trove for coupon queens. I personally get big envelopes full of coupons regularly, and often recycle them without looking at them, just because I'm busy. I should take the time to look at them, because there may be amazing deals in those promotional envelopes.

Women who coupon intensely to make their money stretch further are smart cookies and they rely on junk mail as one source for valuable coupons.

According to Calgaryschild.com, coupon queens sift through their junk mail carefully before deciding whether to hang onto it or recycle it. They aren't the type of women who have "no junk mail" sign posted on their front doors.

1 Purge Unused And Expired Coupons Regularly


One coupon guru at Pocketyourdollars.com advises purging your expired coupons every three months. It's a good quarterly activity. It's not something that you need to do daily or weekly. If you have your binder, you can go through it every few months and get rid of the useless ones. It'll be pretty easy to check the expiry dates on coupons and get rid of those which are no longer valid.

For true coupon queens, extreme couponing is a part-time or full-time job. They do it to help their families, which is noble.

Now that you know some great tips, you'll be ready to try it for yourself, whether you do it occasionally or really lean in.


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