Couple Who Hired Surrogate Don't Want Baby Anymore After Seeing Him For The First Time

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One couple has decided they don't want the child they had planned for after their surrogate gave birth. In a thread posted on an internet forum, one gentleman explained the entire situation for others to give their thoughts. The anonymous poster explained that both he and his wife had struggled to conceive as she suffers from PCOS. After trying IVF several times unsuccessfully, they decided to use a surrogate.

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Initially, it seemed like everything was coming together nicely. All three parties got on well, and when it was time for the surrogate to give birth, the couple was elated. Only, when they saw their child for the first time, the baby reportedly had "Asian features, black hair, and brown eyes." According to the poster, both he and his wife are white, with blonde hair. Immediately concerned that the child wasn't biologically theirs, they contacted the sperm bank who told them it was an "extremely rare" mix up. In order to placate the couple, they offered financial compensation to ease their distress, in exchange for keeping the incident out of the press.

The poster is quick to point out that it isn't about race, just the biology. Although they no longer wish to keep the baby, the surrogate can't take it in either as she already has several kids of her own. Seemingly, the poster wanted advice on whether they were wrong to turn the child away, and if they should sue or not. As you can imagine, the comments section blew up with some posters asking if it's really right to give the child up when it's seemingly still biologically related to the mother, but not the father. The poster has yet to clarify.

Others called the story fake, while more commenters sided with the OP as the sperm bank were at fault. More than anything, the forum members were concerned about the safety of the child, with one writing, "I'm absolutely heartbroken. That's seriously enough internet for the day. Hopefully, someone will raise and love this child."

True or not, this isn't the first story of fertility mix-ups we've heard in recent weeks, prompting the question, are these clinics really as failsafe as they seem?

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