Expectant Couple Asked Neighbors To Do Chores, Make Free Meals

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We have all seen our fair share of completely outrageous crowdsourcing requests over the years that have left us with a bad taste in our mouth. People are querying for designer clothes, trips, etc., who really should just be putting in some sweat equity and paying for these "must-have" items themselves. Well, a new one has come to the surface that has parents everywhere saying "what the what?" If you're a parent, this will hit you hard, too.

Okay, first things first. Whenever you bring a new baby home from the hospital, it's exhausting. And whenever you need to add making meals for your family on top of those newborn days where you are bleary-eyed and can't remember the last time you showered, well, it’s pretty much the last thing you want to be doing. So whenever family and friends come to your rescue and bring you already prepared meals, it can feel like the biggest blessing (next to your new little one that is).

However, if you are being greedy parents and demanding those meals, along with a plethora of other things, it's enough to make the people around you not want to do these things for you and share their grievances on social media.

Soon-to-be dad Jim Burns, wrote a request for a meal train on a website as he and his wife prepare for the birth of their new baby, and friends and family aren't at all happy about it.

It started out like this: “As the father-to-be, I’m teetering on a fence of emotions. One of the things I’m most afraid of is not getting a great deal of sleep and as a result not being in the best frame of mind to offer my wife the support she needs to recover from the child-birthing process.” His wife is due April 29th.

He wasn't just asking for general donations or friends and family to send gift cards if they want to help. Nope. He actually included a full, detailed list of their food requests - right down to preferred snacks and breakfasts of homemade peanut butter energy balls.

For example, he requested Paleo breakfast egg muffins with thinly sliced cremini mushrooms, pork breakfast sausage, and 3 tablespoons of melted and cooled ghee.This followed with 11 more detailed dinner ideas. For real.

You can imagine how unhappy their friends and family were about these outrageous requests, but the internet had lots and lots to say publicly, saying things like "These are some white-ass millennials. I can just picture it: he has a beard & wears a knit cap; she has green hair & a nose ring and their parents just don't "get" them."

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