People Are Transforming This Costco Playhouse Into Miniature Dream Homes For Their Kids

costco dreamhome

If you've got the itch to do some remodeling, but your budget is like, whoaaaaaaa Nellie, then this might appeal to you! People are buying a regular cedar playhouse from Costco and transforming it into a tiny little dream home for their kids. It's an absolutely brilliant idea! Take a small project and make it spectacular. Your kids will have the sweetest swag pad on the entire block, and you'll have a truly Instagram-worthy DIY to brag about. Win-win!

The Cedar Summit Greystone Cottage Playhouse from Costco is already pretty amazing on its own. But with a little paint and elbow grease, parents are taking this regular playhouse and turning it into a mini-mansion for their kiddos. We have to say, kids get all the best stuff!

diy playhouse
Image: Costco

See?! That thing is sweet. It's got little windows, a door, even a little pass-through and chimney! The playhouse as-is retails for about $300 from the bulk super store. Which is a really good price, considering it's 100% premium cedar lumbar. It even has a working doorbell! But for some parents, this thing just didn't have enough pizzazz. So they DIY'd it to a totally different level.

Check out that adorable modern farmhouse! We would absolutely live in that, no questions asked. We love the contrast of the black trim against the white paint. And those planters are a sweet touch.

These parents turned their Costco playhouse into the Lemonade Cafe, complete with striped poof and a flip-flip caddy.

We all dreamed of living in the Barbie Dreamhouse as kids, but our kids would absolutely flip over this precious girl cave! Loving the flowers and welcome mat.

And check out this incredible lemonade stand! If you're going to spend the money on transforming the playhouse, you want a little return on your investment, right? We would 100% stop at this stand and buy a cup of lemonade. Who could resist?!

So if you're the crafty type, this could very well be the perfect project for you. It always feels good to do something nice for our kids, and we don't know any kids who wouldn't lose their minds over their very own customized playhouse. What a great idea!

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