Costco Is Selling A 7-Pound Tub Of Nutella


Oh, Costco. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways! If you've got kids, then you very likely also have a Costco membership. Those little boogers can't seem to stop eating, and at some point you realize that the regular serving sizes you can get at grocery stores. You need more than just eight bags of Goldfish crackers - you need three pounds of them. Tired of buying ground turkey every week? You've probably resorted to buying four pounds at a time at Costco. Who needs one jar of pickles when you can get a huge container of them? Costco is a wondrous place, and even though it's known for being a bulk warehouse, we do lots of our regular shopping there, too. They have amazing wine and cheese, pet food, and their prepared foods are out of this world! So what we're saying is that we go to Costco a lot. Which is why it's so surprising to us that we missed the thing that might be the best thing Costco has ever sold: a 7-pound tub of Nutella. Who needs 7 pounds of Nutella, you ask? More like who DOESN'T need 7 pounds of Nutella.

7 pound tub of nutella
Image: Costco

Yes folks, that's right. Costco is selling a massive tub of that delightful, delicious chocolate hazelnut spread. It's a favorite of kids and adults everywhere, and one jar sure doesn't last long in this house! But how much do you love Nutella? Do you love it enough to finish off 7 pounds of the stuff?! That's ... a lot of Nutella. We do so much of our regular grocery shopping at Costco that we sometimes forget they cater to restaurants and other food service establishments. And clearly, this is one of those instances. It even says "Food Service" right on the tub. But you know there will be plenty of people who buy up that tub for their personal use!

It would feel like a personal challenge to be able to finish a 7-pound tub of Nutella. But when the whole tub costs just $21.99, you won't feel guilty if you don't! So get you a tub, and start scouring Pinterest for recipes. You know, ones that don't include just eating it with a spoon.

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