Corona Launches New Line Of Fruity Spiked Malt Drinks Just In Time For Spring

If you enjoy the occasional adult beverage, there are lots of options out there to quench that thirst for you. Wine, beer, hard spirits - there's really something for everyone! Lately it seems like people are looking for convenience, but without wanting to sacrifice flavor. We're seeing tons of options when it comes to boxed and canned wine and cocktails, and of course, your favorite beer is always available in a sixer! But what do you do when you want something light and refreshing in a can, but still want it to pack a punch?

Corona seems to believe they have just what you're looking for, and lucky for us, their new Refresca premium spiked refreshers will hit just in time for spring. We're not going to lie, these sound amazing, and we can't wait to sip on one poolside (as soon as the sun decides to come out and stay out).

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Image: Corona

Corona is just the latest alcoholic beverage maker to throw their hat in the popular canned malt beverage category. We've seen spiked seltzers, spiked sodas like Not Your Father's Root Beer, and Bud Light's super popular line of Ritas. Seems like Corona is following Bud Light's model with their newest canned creation and putting out something other than beer.

Refrescas are flavored spiked drinks that will come in three flavors - coconut lime, guava lime, and passionfruit lime. The guava and passionfruit varieties will be available in their own six-packs for $9.99. The coconut lime will only be available as part of a 12-can variety pack, which will sell for $16.99. Early buzz (ha!) on Twitter looks positive!

While it's going to take us a while to get used to Corona's name and signature crown being on something other than a bottle of beer, we are totally into these new Corona Refresca drinks. Sometimes you just want something light and refreshing, like a boozy La Croix. Plus, the flavors sound amazing!

Like they'll be just slightly sweet and fruit, and not overpoweringly so. With spring and summer just around the corner, we'll definitely be trying these out and popping in the ice chest for parties and backyard BBQ's.

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