Cop Issues $115 Ticket To Mom While Breastfeeding Her Baby In Her Parked Car

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It’s something that a lot of mothers do on a daily basis, but apparently one law enforcement officer it's a violation that warrants a ticket. One mother was ticketed for breastfeeding her baby inside her parked car.

According to reports, mother-of-four Guillermina Rodriguez says that she often feels stressed juggling her day-to-day obligations with her children. On one particular day, her 3-week-old daughter began to cry in the back seat while she was driving through traffic. Because she knew her daughter was hungry, the New York City-based mom said that she felt she had no other option but to pull over, park her car in a no-standing commercial zone about a block from Penn Station, and started breastfeeding her baby inside her car.

While she was nursing her child, a traffic officer pulled up with a tow truck. He peered to see if anyone was inside. This prompted Rodriguez to honk her horn to alert the officer that she was in the car. She then pointed to her baby and her breast and motioned to him that she was in the middle of a nursing session.

Rodriquez told CBS New York in an interview, “He’s backing up to tow my truck, so as I am in this position breastfeeding now I jump over to the front seat to honk so he can see you know, like, ‘Don’t tow my truck, I’m in here.’ I’m actually breastfeeding on one side and pumping on the other, so both my breasts are out, and I turn, and I’m like, ‘I’m breastfeeding the baby.”

Despite her efforts to let the police officer know that she was inside the car, nothing happened. The officer didn’t say anything but did leave her a ticket in the amount of $115 on the windshield and walked away.

Rodriguez now says that despite being in a commercial zone area, she shouldn’t have been ticketed because she did what any mother would have done in her situation: feed her crying baby. She now plans to fight her ticket, although she didn’t specify if she has a lawyer on the case.

Local reporters have reached out to the New York City Police Department about the ticket. The officer on duty says that he didn’t realize there was a person inside the car when he issued the ticket. However, it remains unclear if the ticket will be dismissed.

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