Freezable Bra Inserts Are The Answer To Summer Sweaty Boobs

Listen, we love summer. It's fun, relaxing, and filled with plenty of family time! But you know the one thing we don't like about summer? Boob sweat. Yes, you read that right - boob sweat! Ladies, we know you feel us on this. There's nothing worse than picking out a cute summer outfit, heading out, and having your bra get sopping wet after an hour walking around in the sun. We can't very well reach into our bras every few minutes to wipe up the sweat, you know? And when your boobs are hot, it makes everything hot, and very uncomfortable. Summertime is not kind to chesty ladies, LOL. So what's the solution? Stay inside until the temperature goes down? Live in a swimming pool for the next couple of months? How about you put some freezable inserts into your bra, to keep your tatas cool and dry? That sounds like a fantastic solution, to be honest, and luckily we have just the product for you and your boobs.

Ladies, please allow us to introduce you to the Cool58 Bra Coolers from Polar Products. Bra coolers! It's about time! These bra inserts can be cooled down in a freezer, fridge, or even a cooler of ice water, and will cool to a very comfortable temperature of 58 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once activated, the cooling packs will last for up to two hours (depending on climate, body temp, and activity levels, of course). The cooling packs fit snugly into the twill covers, and are non-toxic. We love that you can use these on the go, too. 20 minutes in ice water, and you've got cool boobs for two hours!

You can order your very own set of Cool58 Bra Coolers from the Polar Products website. Single sets for cup sizes A-C sell for $37.11, and the set comes with four cooling pads and the cotton twill covers. For cup sizes D or larger, the company sells a double set for $74.22. There's also an optional soft-sided polar cooler carrier for $38. We know this isn't exactly a necessity, but it sure would be nice to go through the hotter months without boob sweat and moist bras, right?

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