Who Is Cookie Swirl C & Why Are Kids So Obsessed?

Children's entertainment has evolved in a huge way over the last few years. While there are now network, cable, and streaming channels dedicated to children's programming, allowing children to watch their favorite shows and characters at any time of the day, YouTube is now a huge part of how children consume information. YouTube personalities have grown in popularity over the years, and now people who started out making fun and informational videos for kids now have millions of subscribers who watch them religiously.

You may not know who Cookie Swirl C is, but if you have a child who loves to watch YouTube videos, especially those toy unboxing videos, they probably know who she is. Cookie Swirl C has grown her YouTube channel exponentially since she first began, and now regularly posts positive and engaging videos for her viewers ranging from toy unboxing vlogs to cooking vlogs. What's even more surprising is that Cookie Swirl C never shows her face on camera.

So Who Exactly is Cookie Swirl C?

Cookie Swirl C has done a very good job of keeping her private life private. Her given name is Candace, but her nickname is Candy, and she was born on March 14, 1997, in California. There is no record of her last name and she only goes by Cookie Swirl C professionally. The 22-year-old has one of YouTube's most popular children's channels and her popularity just continues to grow.

How Did Cookie Swirl C Begin?

According to her website, Cookie Swirl C has been obsessed with horses ever since she was born. That love of horses grew as she did and she immersed herself with as much knowledge of horses as possible. She read books about horses and visited horse ranches, and even collected as many horse toys as possible. She would also incorporate her other toys in her playtime with her toy horses by taking them on trail rides she set up around her house.

It was in 2007 that Cookie posted her first video on YouTube, sharing that when she was a young girl she often played by herself in her room. After receiving positive comments from her stories and asking for more, Cookie began putting her massive imagination to work to create more content. She created a YouTube channel called HoneyheartsC that she still runs, where she posts reviews about horse toys, as well as posting videos about her own horses.

Cookie branched out in 2013 when she created her CookieSwirlC channel to share reviews of other toys that she loves as well as unboxing videos and cooking tutorials.

What is Cookie Swirl C’s Net Worth?

You might be wondering why a 22-year-old woman has dedicated so much time to unboxing toys on YouTube until you realize just how lucrative Cookie Swirl C's channel is. According to a few different reports, Cookie's estimated net worth is around $25 million! With over 12 million subscribers who have viewed her videos collectively more than 2 billion times, Cookie is definitely making a lot of money off her channel.

According to NailBuzz, Cookie's videos earn an average of 7 million views per day, generating an estimated revenue of $28,000 daily! That's just from ad revenue as well, not including her income from sponsorships and merchandise sales.

Welcome to Cookie Swirl C On YouTube

Cookie has two popular channels on YouTube with her popular HoneyheartsC that boasts over 1.2 million subscribers and her CookieSwirlC channel that has more than 12 million subscribers! Cookie posts regularly on both channels and writes that her goal is to share joy and happiness with her videos.

On her official website, she states that "She hopes you enjoy her videos because nothing means more to her than knowing that her videos make you smile and inspire you to be creative as well."

Is Cookie Swirl C Kid Friendly?

Cookie is ranked within the Top 5% of Google Preferred Family & Children's YouTube Channel and prides herself on making a channel that is suitable for the whole family to enjoy. Her videos not only encourage imaginative play but they also promote creativity, inspiring her audience to create their own fun projects.

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She creates all her own content and also gives back by donating to numerous charities including WEAVE for women and children, A Place to Bark, and Happy Tails Pet Sanctuary.

On her website, it states that "Cookie understands that her videos reach a wide range of viewers from toddlers to adults and is fully committed to making sure her videos are enthusiastic and entertaining while still being family-friendly and good for all ages. She understands the responsibility that comes with running a popular channel and strives to create the best content possible."

If your kids love to tune into Cookie Swirl C you can rest assured that they're watching quality content that is suitable for audiences of all ages.

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