10 Of The Most Common Pieces Of Unwanted Parental Advice

For some reason, a number of mothers across the globe seem to think that it is their right to offer unwanted parental advice to anybody they deem fit. That's right, since time began, mothers have always been subjected to unwelcome judgment from other mothers, yet thankfully this was mostly encountered on the streets, doctor's offices, or in schools. However, since the Internet, judgemental mothers have become a common occurrence, and are now scattered all over the Internet for the world to deal with, offering unwanted parental advice to anyone who will and won't listen. Here are 10 of the most common pieces of unwanted parental advice.

10 You Should Sleep When The Baby Sleeps!

You should sleep when the baby sleeps is probably one of the most common unwanted parenting advice ever given and also the most infuriating. Firstly, it doesn't make sense and is virtually impossible to do when you've got a billion and one other things to complete before the baby decides to wake up. Secondly, babies have some strange sixth sense which detects when their parents might want to get a few minutes rest. As a result, they suddenly wake up as soon as you so much as sit down. Finally, a sleeping baby means a few priceless minutes to yourself, minutes that could be spent showering or watching television, not wasting time in bed!

9 Are Those The Correct Clothes?

For some reason, parents across the globe are obsessed with the clothes that your children are wearing and feel it is their given right to comment on them. One of the most common is the missing jacket mystery, with parents outwardly asking other mothers if they have forgotten to bring a jacket or if their child is too hot with their jacket on.

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Yes, weather shaming is a common activity amongst judgmental mothers and can be experienced in all climates. From missing gloves and scarfs to not enough sun cream or thin layers, mothers have it covered when it comes to making you feel inadequate and stupid in cold and hot temperatures.

8 Make Sure You Look Presentable

Mothers all over the world are obsessed with other mothers and how they look. As a result, they often offer unwanted parenting advice with regards to how they should present themselves and how to keep their partner still interested in them. Yes, as soon as you have given birth, it is extremely important to get back into the gym, eat properly, and make yourself look half-decent so that your partner remains interested in you. In addition to making yourself look presentable, mothers should also keep a tidy house and a homecooked meal on the table every night. As if you haven't got enough to do?

7 Should You Be Eating That?

The parental advice begins from the day that you announce that you are pregnant. That's right, sadly unsolicited judgment comes from day one and lasts until, well, forever. As a result, parents come down on expecting parents hard, especially with regards to what they eat, drink, and do with their bodies.

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Yes, judgmental parents love nothing more than to tell others what they can and can't eat, especially when it involves sweet treats, caffeine, and just about everything else. Then comes the notorious expression "Should you be eating that?" and a whole host of dirty looks and whispering.

6 Aw, Cherish Every Moment

Parents can often be incredibly patronizing, especially with regards to mothers who have just had their first child. Yes, seasoned parents with older kids are often under the impression that they know everything, and that other parents with younger kids would very much appreciate the advice. However, although it is likely that they don't, such parents still offer their unsolicited advice as well as common expressions that can be extremely irritating. For instance, when seasoned parents tell other mothers to "cherish every moment" even when your kids are shouting at the top of their voices, it can come across as condensing and exceptionally smug.

5 Breastfeeding Is Best!

This debate has been around since the beginning of time itself, with parents seriously believing that breastmilk really is liquid gold or at least the best thing a mother could possibly do ever in the entire world. That's right, time and time again, judgmental parents have judged other mothers with regards to what they feed their children. Overall, there is no wrong or right way, and it is important to remember that you are in control of what you feed your baby and nobody else. However, sadly this doesn't stop overbearing parents and their unsolicited advice, with the argument likely to end when the world itself ends.

4 Are You Really Going Back To Work?

For some reason, when you decide to go back to work after having your child is a hot topic among other parents. However, at the end of the day, it is nobody's business apart from your own.

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Sadly, this doesn't seem to change anything, with mothers all over the world offering their unwanted advice with regards to when you go back to work after having your child. Yes, the battle of going back to work will continue until the very end, with parents across the globe all having their own opinion on when is the right time and when is the most definite wrong time. Let's face it, yours will probably be the latter.

3 You Shouldn't Let Them Eat That...

Not only are parents concerned about what you put in your mouth but they are also worried about what food you are putting into your child's mouth. Yes, from the very beginning parents offer unwanted advice when it comes to feeding, with breastfeeding the first hurdle that you might have to jump over. However, it doesn't get much better. Sadly, this kind of judgemental behavior lasts until the bitter end, and can really become extremely unnerving and upsetting. That's right, whether it is meat, vegetables, spicy, sweet or sour, there seems to be no correct answer with regards to what you feed your kids.

2 You Shouldn't Hold Your Baby Too Much

Sometimes mothers can be extremely fickle and in most cases offer unwanted advice that only seems to counteract something they might have said three months ago. For instance, the long-running debate with regards to picking up your babies seems to have been going on forever and has caused all sorts of confusing arguments.

According to some mothers, constantly picking up your baby can trigger attachment issues, which will leave your son or daughter lacking in independence. However, on the other hand, some mothers claim that this is a form of abuse, and can lead to abandonment issues in the future. You can't win!

1 Oh, They Sound Hungry

Seasoned parents (parents with older kids) tend to think they know everything when it comes to bringing up children, listening to their needs and monitoring their moods. However, although they may have done it before, it doesn't give them the right to give you unsolicited advice.

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For instance, such parents often offer unwanted advice with regards to your baby's cries, and then love to tell you what they might want or need. Yes, for some reason, other mothers think they know your child better than you do and therefore feel the need to let you know all whilst looking extremely smug.

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